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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. I like Angela Rayner. Though admittedly I don't know a huge much about her or what she does. But what I do know and have seen, I like.
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  2. Laura Pidcock for North West Durham is also great, a little low on the radar but always fighting for local services and extremely passionate.

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  3. Why couldn’t he have just waited another 48 hours to make sure his (well meaning but potentially useless) sacrifice wasn’t a fucking waste of time for everyone outside of the ad department for the Guardian website?
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  4. LTG


    Party HQ were probably checking he’d got the nomination papers in. Most candidates seem to have been doing it the last week, I’d imagine all parties want to make sure it’s done before the deadline.
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  5. So it's not just the BBC at it now, it's also ITV. How in God's name can they consider this "balanced" reporting?

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  6. Mainstream news is fucked.
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  7. Well there was a Tory, an SNP supporter, some people who didn’t know which way was up, and 5 blokes who want to stay part of the UK. It’s not going to win any journalism prizes but it’s hardly a ‘hatchet job’.
  8. I feel like people are a bit too fast to shout 'bias' in TV reporting, at least when it comes to explicitly political reporting.

    Though these sort of things always make me wonder - and this wasn't the worst I've seen - do they actively seek out the most ill-informed, stupid people they can find or are the British population as thick as I suspect they are? Two recent highlights being the woman who thought the upcoming election was a second EU referendum and a market stall trader who voted leave because he thought it would make his wholesale prices lower: 'Where does your stock come from?' '90% of it comes from Spain'.
  9. Interesting to me:
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  10. Boris getting heckled by flood hit residents.

    "You took your time Boris"

    "Where ya been?"

  11. RJF


    I love how he can't leave Downing Street without getting dragged.
  12. Ddddd, who goes to an emergency site and asks the victims what exact help they need. What a bumbling fool.
  13. Fucking hell. The person who heckled him is the Minister of the Church of Scotland and surprise has homophobic and Islamophobic content on his twitter account
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  14. What sort of minister of a religious faith actively heckles someone trying to improve conditions for the poorest in society? Clearly, he's selfish and grubby.
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  15. Boris confronted again as to why he didnt visit Doncaster immediately.

    "I did come up to Macclesfield" like that's any use to the people of Doncaster.

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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    What in the actual fuck?

    So... her plan is to literally make the Travellers homeless? We totally don’t have enough homeless people in the country, in her opinion.
  17. Anti-Traveller racism is commonplace and acceptable for many people Ireland and the UK but wow, I didn't expect to read the same type of hateful comments on this forum. Disgusting. It's a sad state of our society that people feel they can be so brazen with these opinions and the actions of some members of a community can be used to tar the whole group. Read back those posts and replace the word Traveller with any other ethnic minority, and see how acceptable you think those comments are. I'm going to block the three of you now, but I hope you can educate yourselves and overcome your racism.
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The point the article is making is that there are plenty of laws that amply cover Travellers who commit crimes - the same as non-Travellers who commit crimes.

    What Priti is suggesting is essentially an attempt to eradicate the Traveller way of life altogether regardless of whether individual Travellers are law-abiding or not.

    There is no justification for empowering the police to confiscate a vehicle based on a suspicion that it’s being used to trespass for the purpose of residing on land. What’s wrong with the current law of trespass? 75% of police officers themselves think the current law is sufficient and 64% think the real problem is lack of site provision.

    And yes, “Travellers are a big problem down this part of the world” comes across very much like “rats are a big problem around here”. Some of you really need to re-read your posts before you post them.
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