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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. LTG


    Socialist queen
  2. 'Greece is desperate for more rich residents' yeah, because that went so well the last time, didn't it?
  3. The Torygraph telling people to take advantage of freedom of movement and move to an EU country. What’s not clicking?
  4. Nothing but respect for the BEST Dragon

    Scrolling her Twitter and the repeated BoJo lashings are *chef's kiss*
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  5. She’s the best dragon but she’s also supporting the Lib Dems.
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  6. More of this please. I’m clinging on to hope.

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    Cancelled unless she lives in SW London or St Albans.
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  8. I was looking on Wiki this evening, and I saw that in 2017 the last 6 polls before the 8th of June were as follows:
    I'm not getting my hopes up in the slightest, but the polls have been wrong before and they could be wrong again. Everyone thought it was an obvious Tory majority and then the exit poll came out and everyone got a massive shock. I still have a bad feeling about the results this time around, but stuff like this does make me realise it's not a done deal just yet.
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  10. According to the interwebnetz, she's in Starmer's constituency.
  11. Yeah, with this and also the Brexit polls, UK polling companies seem to have a tendency to get things wrong, which I really hope is what will happen again.
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  13. Probably the finest bit of journalism I've seen all year. Finally a reporter holding Johnson and the Tories accountable.

    Typical of Johnson he tries to deflect and blame Labour for goings on in 2010, but Hannah doesn't take it.
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  14. LTG


    Just lil fascist things

  15. I'm slightly appalled that the Seashell Trust has allowed him to use them to promote his shitty Tory agenda with this visit. I've had a lot of dealings with them in the past through my job, and I'd have hoped they'd be above entertaining the leader of the party that has destroyed adult social care and SEN FE over the past decade. Clearly not.
  16. Holy shit.
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  18. I'm watching the Channel 4 debate and every time Jo Swinson talks I feel like shes about to cry.

    I'm so happy to see Angela Raynor here. She's coming across strongly as well.
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  19. I stan Angela Raynor. She's shining here.
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