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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Jo, rightfully getting dragged.

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  2. Grim.

    Survation did tweet this so hopefully theres some sort of miracle come Thursday.

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  3. I've been considering a job option to move back to North America and I'd seriously been considering staying in London for a while longer, but if that projection comes to pass? Adios.
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  4. Woke up feeling completely hopeless today - I'm dreading Friday morning. Prayer circle for a miracle, kids.
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  5. Different country and different voting system with compulsory voting, but the polls preceding the Australian election in May 2019 were wrong. The opposition had been leading in the polls for more than two years, but lost. In constrast, the polls were accurate for our 2016 federal election. I don't think, for whatever reason (I guess due to the difficulties with getting a representative sample, now that you can't just phone-poll everyone on a landline), that polls are that reliable anymore.
  6. This is a really interesting thread about polling and its reliability.

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  7. LTG


    It’s the hope that really worries me. If it was a forgone conclusion I could just give up now.
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  8. LTG


    I don’t want to live in a country where this rot gets people horny for deportations

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  9. aux


    You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself not to tag one of the Tories of PJ and ask them how they can vote for such a vile piece of shit who calls himself a man.
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  10. "The prime minister guaranteed that migration would fall under his plan for an Australian-style points-based system after Britain left the European Union."

    Scotland needs immigration top top up it's declining population. This will be terrible for Scotland.
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  11. Angela yet again being brilliant.

    Shes the future of Labour. Hopefully a future leader candidate.

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  12. This is disgusting racist rhetoric but we been knew he was like this anyway.

    It's particularly ironic when so many English retire to Spain and live out the rest of their days there. I wish someone would challenge him on this shit.
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  13. At this point I'm perfectly willing to slash the tyres of anyone who I suspect is voting Tory on Thursday.
  14. Tories? On here? Wow. Maybe I should delete my account.
    Reminder to everyone that this was already created in 2008. Thanks Blair.
  15. Once we go independent, we won't need to worry about Boris or his policies.
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  16. How are migrants supposed to treat the country they live in and are contributing to? Are they supposed to feel like outsiders or second class citizens? Go and throw yourself in the sea Boris you fucking bumbly twat.
  17. And UK retireees living in English speaking bubbles in Spain are doing what exactly?
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