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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Once we go independent, we won't need to worry about Boris or his policies.
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  2. How are migrants supposed to treat the country they live in and are contributing to? Are they supposed to feel like outsiders or second class citizens? Go and throw yourself in the sea Boris you fucking bumbly twat.
  3. And UK retireees living in English speaking bubbles in Spain are doing what exactly?
  4. My parents told me they already postal-voted for the Tories as there's no Brexit Party candidate where they live.

    I expected nothing less from Evangelical Christians though, y'know, the ones who go on about spreading love and compassion through acts of kindness, such as slashing benefits, thinking it's fine they got free higher education but young people should pay, and ignoring the homeless because they're all on drugs anyway...
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  5. How dare people try to make themselves feel comfortable where they live. It's outrageous.

    In other news, I did the Vote For Policies questionnaire:
    Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!
  6. Do it sis.

    You may be able to keep your vote private at a ballot box, but if you're going to openly declare your opinions in any form, then that opens you up to criticism.

    People can't have it both ways. If you're gonna have shit opinions, then you need to have the backbone to defend it under scrutiny.
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  7. “Awkward reaction” please fuck off Laura. It wasn’t “awkward” it was disgraceful and summed up what he really thinks of people who are hurt by the Tories
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  8. How well is this working for the Beeb?

    Not very well.
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  9. Where was the assault?

  10. Turns out the punch was actually the staffer walking into a mans arm.

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  11. This season of That's So Laura K is really not it
  12. I'm tired.

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  13. Do we still have hope for Thursday?

    I feel like Boris Johnson could go on a murder spree and still get votes.
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  14. The mirroring of American politics in the UK is so dejecting to me. I've always gone to the UK and felt it was a much kinder, progressive country, particularly for social outliers. Clearly, that has changed at a rapid pace and now you have your own Trump-like charlatan who seems to have blind cult-like following that refuses to acknowledge any kind of common decency with their vote. I wish I could say it gets better, but.... hope for a miracle, folks!
  15. How convenient that the BBC are trying to push this story of the person getting ‘assaulted’ it’s like they’re trying to deflect from the story of Johnson refusing to look at the picture of the 4 year old child lying on the hospital floor
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  16. Why?
  17. I wonder if Labour came out and alluded to the fact that there’d be a mid term leadership change whether that would help or hinder their chances?
  18. Laura Kuenssberg needs to be fired off Earth on a rocket. She’s an absolute disgrace.

    That tiniest little ounce of respect I had left for the BBC has now vanished completely. The right-wing scum press (The Sun et al) is one thing, but the way the BBC has completed its full-blown transformation into the Tory Propaganda Machine this election is something else.

  19. Fucking idiot #2
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