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What was the first single and album you bought?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Not sure if this exists already. It didn't come up when I did a search. If the thread is already up please delete this.

    So, what was the first single and album you bought?

    What formats did you choose?

    Can you remember how much they cost and where you bought them from?

    Did your first purchases lead to you exploring the artists further or were they dreadful, embarrassing mistakes?!
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  2. I think my first single was Steps - It's The Way You Make Me Feel as I remember having it around... but the first single I remember buying was Sound of the Underground when I was six. I went into ASDA with my Mum and made her buy both CD1&2 because I wanted the different covers.

    Album wise - I can't remember so much. I had lots of different albums given to me when I was younger. I can remember owning Steps - Gold (must have been 5 years old then), and I had Spiceworld on cassette. But I think the first album I ever bought was Atomic Kitten - Greatest Hits which took me 5 weeks to save up for with my pocket money - ha.

    Money well spent, really.
  3. Album: Culture Club "Colour By Numbers", Vinyl
    Single: Sigue Sigue Sputnik "Love Missile F1-11", 12" Vinyl

    Still love them both, can't remember how much I paid but probably very cheap back in the 80s...
  4. First single, was the Theme From ET by John Williams. On 7" vinyl, in a generic MCA paper sleeve from WH Smiths. No idea how much it cost (by 1984, chart 7"s were about £1.35 so it was probably less than that). Not even sure why I felt so compelled to buy a record for the first time in my life, and why it should have been that.

    I do remember vividly, putting the single on my parents' turntable and watching it go round with fascination (it had those tiny orange lights on the side of the platter to show the speed/tone was correct).

    First album was Into The Gap by Thompson Twins, on cassette for the extra side of mixes. 4.49, #1 on the WH Smiths instore chart that week. WH Smith had thick beige price cards slotted into their tape cases, and mine was left in so I kept that for a while as a memento! I had seen an advert for it in No.1 or Smash Hits, and I had loved the two singles (Hold me Now and Doctor Doctor), and something just made me want it ASAP. I had no real idea at the time of how album campaigns worked, the whole business of chart debuts and release dates, and taking further singles off already-released albums. I also had no idea it would become one of my top 5 albums of all-time, and remain so for the next 30+ years.
  5. [​IMG]

    You'd not get a new LP for this nowadays!

    The Culture Club album is still great. Perfect from top to toe.
  6. Again, Into The Gap is just a classic record. Not an ounce of fat on it. I bought the LP in 1984 on the same day I got Diamond Life and Private Dancer! I loved all three.
  7. My first album was a collection of John Williams movie scores for Star Wars/ET/Close Encounters which I bought on vinyl from John Menzies for £3.99 when I was 8 years old (I only wanted/listened to the Star Wars stuff) … This is it: http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=499320

    My first music album was Wham! Make It Big on cassette bought with a Boots voucher ...

    My first single was Madonna Open Your Heart bought from Woolworths for £1.65 as I had got my first record player that xmas ...

    First 12" was also Madonna, Who's That Girl? £2.99 from Woolworths …

    First CD was Eighth Wonder Fearless bought for £4.99 from the Woolworths bargain bin ...

    First Minidisc was Spiceworld (I only ever had 2 original MDs, Immaculate Collection was the other) …

    First purchased download was something from the Client website that you had to pay for by text, from iTunes it was Moby Lift Me Up ...
  8. Yep, perfect indeed and a great album to start a collection with! It made my Top 100 of all-time, at 73.

    First 12" - Howard Jones, What Is Love? (2.49 from WH Smiths - again!) when it was at #2. I must have gone in the shop on the day a new chart had been done, as I'd expected to find it at #10.

    First CD album - Graceland by Paul Simon, for a mere £11.99. WH Smiths, but different branch, haha.

    First CD single - World Party, Ship Of Fools for £1.99 from a small chart return shop called Ear Friend in Teddington. I think I liked the idea of having both their singles on the same disc (Private Revolution was included) and one of the other tracks had just been on a Record Mirror magazine freebie.
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  9. That's incredibly thorough. Thanks for that!
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  10. Yeah, I may have missed the point and concentrated on the purchasing rather than the music itself ...
  11. I hate the fact that I'm obviously the oldest person on this forum. Still, here's mine.

    First single. Puppy Love by Donny Osmond in 1973. It cost 55p! It had been out over a year at this time, but '73 was when I got into music. I copied the girl next door with Donny. She didn't have many records, but I liked her Donny ones best.

    First album. Portrait Of Donny by Mr Osmond again. Again copied from the girl next door (Thanks, Jill!). I loved this record and even bought it when the Osmonds back catalogue was released on CD about 10 years ago. The LP came with 3 black and white photos which was clearly a pull. I distinctly remember it costing £2.15. Don't know why!

    First cassette. This must have been in 1975 when I got my first (shit) cassette player. The tape was the Osmonds Our Best To You comp. A friend of my mum's had joined one of those 'five for £1' Britannia type record clubs at the time and she kindly got this for me.

    First CD(s). This was in 1985. I had Bowie's Let's Dance and Phil Collins' Hello I Must Be Going. I must stress I didn't especially want either. However, my local record shop had a very poor selection of CDs, so I had to take what I could get. I wanted Like A Virgin, Private Dancer and No Jacket Required, but was out of luck. I did in fact end up loving the Bowie disc. I still have it and it sounds great. Never took to Phil's Hello...though. No Jacket is heaps better!
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  12. The range of CDs was very limited right up until mid-1987 where I shopped. Our Prices would have a sort of Top 20 shelf, all at £12.49 or more, but even in late 1986 their entire range could fit on a small display unit. Just trying to find particular titles, big sellers too, not obscure stuff, was often a challenge. I'd tried several places for Graceland, and don't get me started on the fiasco with Tango In The Night!
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  13. First album: True Blue by Madonna (cassette)
    First single: La Isla Bonita by Madonna
    First CD album: Like A Prayer by Madonna
    First CD single: This Used To Be My Playground by Madonna

    (yes, I Love Madonna)
  14. I think I managed to get Tango on release day. Great sounding CD.
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  15. I still have a distinct memory of my parents buying me the Spice Girls' debut album when I was really young. I even remember at which store, which is funny because my memory is absolutely awful! I remember liking the booklet very much. (But now that I think about it, my first album might also have been the soundtrack to The Lion King 2, which I listened to loads...)

    Singles-wise I didn't really ask my parents for anything until Creamy's Neverending Story came around a few years later.

    As for the first CD I bought with my 'own' money/allowance, I can't really remember, but it must have been Robbie Williams.
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  16. I got a £5 Our Price voucher for Christmas 1994 when I was 8 years old. I bought Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy and Boyzone's Love Me For A Reason cassette singles. They were £2.29 each (always thought that was an odd price).

    I quickly decided that I wanted to get a CD player for my birthday the following summer so I started buying CDs in advance. I got Ace Of Base's Living In Danger CD single and then I remember having to practically beg my father to let me get Dance 95 on CD. It was about 6 weeks' pocket money in advance!

  17. 'his new LP/Concert'
    No wonder the band hated him.
  18. I'm too old to recall but I believe my first album was Belinda Carlisle 'Heaven on Earth' and it was on cassette. My first single was probably a Kylie single, on vinyl. Might have been 'Wouldn't Change a Thing'. We used to have an Our Price in our local town so we always went there. I recall singles on vinyl, at that time (late 80's) being £2.00 each.
  19. When I bought my player in 1985, most new releases were just LP and cassette. If a CD was available it would usually follow about 3 weeks later. Drove me mad. This probably lasted a couple of years. New albums with a delayed CD release I recall are Bad Animals, True Blue, Balance Of Power, Whitney Houston, Promise, Eaten Alive, Rock A Little and Break Every Rule.
  20. First ever album: Kids From Fame on cassette (bought for me by my sister but with my money)
    First single: Midge Ure If I Was
    First vinyl album bought myself: Five Star Luxury Of Life
    First cd: Michael Jackson Bad
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