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What was the first single and album you bought?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. First cassette single - Vengaboys - We Like To Party

    First cassette album - Spice Girls - SPICE

    First CD single - All Saints - Booty Call

    First CD album - Steps - Step One
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  2. I treated Step One, The Party Album and ...Baby One More Time CDs as if they were my most prized possessions when I was 7. Checking the release dates I guess Step One would've been my first album. My first memories of being obsessed with music was Spice and Spiceworld but they technically belonged to my older sister.

    I'm pretty sure I must have owned some Steps singles first but I have a really clear memory of buying the ...Baby One More Time CD in Woolworths with my mother so I've always said that was my first single.
  3. I got a boombox for Christmas in 1998, alongside Telstar's Greatest Hits of 1998 and someone gifted me Will Smith's Big Willie Style ddd. My sister already had Step One and Spice. I think someone in my family must've had Huge Hits 1998 as well because I remember listening to My Heart Will Go On and Frozen on repeat?

    Then I got a few singles – Cher's Believe, Bryan Adams and Mel C's When You're Gone and Steps' Heartbeat / Tragedy.

    The first album I bought/chose was...

    the best Kids' Party in the world…ever!


    CD1 was iconic.


  4. (Rolf Harris on a Kid's party CD. Oops.)
  5. I just Googled and now I'm SCREAMING. I never listened to disc two so I had no idea who he is/was. Reminds me of my family bopping to Gary Glitter's Another Rock and Roll Christmas annually (another great compilation) and then I found out he was a pedophile.
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  6. My first purchase was a cassette of Britney's (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop! Remix) when I was maybe around 7 or 8 years old? I must have hammered that song to death but it never gets old to this day.

    Even 8 year old me had impeccable taste.
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  7. Minty! Forgot this even existed

  8. First Pop CD album: Christina Aguilera - Mi Reflejo
    First CD Single: Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
  9. When my dad bought our first ever CD player he got himself The Shadows and my and my sister this. (We had to share)
  10. now when I bought my first cd player in 1991...my first cd purchase was The Immaculate Collection!
  11. First cassette album - "The Bridge" by Ace of Base
    First cassette single - "On My Own" by Peach Union

    First CD album - "Butterfly" by Mariah Carey
    First CD single - "Crush" by Jennifer Paige
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  12. First cassette single: Wannabe
    First cassette album: Spice
    First CD single: Last Thing On My Mind
    First CD album: ...Baby One More Time
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  13. First Single: B*Witched-Rollercoaster or Billie-Girlfriend or Spice Girls-Stop
    First Album-B*Witched-B*Witched

    I do remember having Spice Girls-SPICE, and I would have just turned 4 when that came out, so that could have been my first album, but I remember buying myself the B*Witched album
    And I think Spice Girls-Stop could have been, but again, the first I bought personally was B*Witched or Billie. I think they were released around the same time?
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  14. First 7" single - The Race by Yello
    First LP - Smash Hits Rave! (1990)

    First cassette album - they were mostly copied, the first one I remember playing would be Colour By Numbers by Culture Club
    First cassette single - Doin' the Do by Betty Boo

    First CD album - Awesome!! 2 (1991)
    First CD single - The Bear Necessities Megamix by the UK Mixmasters
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  15. Album: 'Spice' obviously!
    Single: Dannii's 'This Is It'

    And I wouldn't have changed a thing!
  16. My first CD single was also Dannii Minogue's This Is It and proud of it too!
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  17. First cassette album: Spice: Michael Jackson - History
    First CD album: Sound Of Music soundtrack (I think...?)
    First single: Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy
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  18. First album bought for me was SPICE
    First single bought for me was Loves got a hold on my heart by STEPS

    First album I bought was Baby one more time
    First single I bought was I turn to you by Mel C
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  19. First cassette album: Ace of Base "The Sign"

    First CD album: Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little Pill"

    I don't remember my first cassette/CD single, mainly because I usually had so many floating around.
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  20. I had been given an HMV gift card when I was about 5 and bought ABBA gold and Ultimate Kylie... I had a few compliations before hand but I don't really count them, they were all very filled with early 2000's bops, i also really remember being about 5 and forcing my heavy metal loving dad to buy me a copy of In The Zone in a trendy record shop in Greenwich when I was around the same age, much to his distain.
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