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What was the first single and album you bought?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. First single was Japanese Boy by Aneka though I seemed to come home if I recall correctly with Blondie's Union City Blue the same day but it was a much older single. My aunty took my sisters and me to a record store and we all got to pick one single each.

    First artist album I bought was Whitney Houston by Whitney Houston.
  2. I had a look through your top 100 albums the other day. I was surprised to see I owned 14 of the top 20. And had owned a couple more at some point (So by Peter Gabriel being one).
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  3. I think the Top 10 is wholly 80s albums, with Achtung Baby the highest from any other decade at #11.
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  4. First album I bought was Anamorphosée by Mylène Farmer (thought I had got Get a Grip! by Aerosmith (!!!) as a present a few months before).

    I guess the first single was I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis.
  5. It’s a good job vinyl didn’t cost the equivalent of what it does now in the 70s else I’d have never been able to start a collection. I mean, records were always expensive to me, but saving my pocket money (Hard. Too many distractions) and begging family members sometimes paid dividends.

    Did anyone join one of those ‘5 for the price of one’ type mail order record clubs in the 70s? That first haul was fantastic until you realised to had to buy several others at full price to get out of the contract! I joined a cassette club back then. You got them for 25p each! I can’t recall the name of the club, but eventually I think Britannia took over them all.
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  6. [​IMG]

    It would have been something like this. Although the pictured club is a US one. It’s a better deal than we got in the UK!
  7. ^Not much there for me to choose from.

    Now THIS however…..

    I'm reading the rules like:
  8. The first one I actually bought myself with my own money was the 7" of Like A Prayer. bye!
  9. This was a great selection. I have 24 of the albums listed. None bought from a record club, I might add.
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  10. I think the first I bought personally (with the parents buying it for me after asking)!:
    Album B*Witched-B*Witched
    Although it could have been Steps-Heartbeat/Tragedy, but that was released after Rollercoaster?
    Yes, I am a B*Witched fan!

    I think the first album I had in my collection was Spice Girls-Spice. I would have been 4/5 when I got it.
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  11. There's a fab remix of "Jump Down" by Almighty. Just sayin'.
  12. Those Britannia things were awful ... But I do remember getting the Top Gun Soundtrack and True Blue via them as I clubbed together with my father and sister to save some cash ...
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  13. Cliff Richard - Daddys Home.
  14. That had a really creepy video!
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  15. The first single I owned was kylies hand on your heart
    The first one I bought myself was Eternal stay
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  16. There's a brilliant episode of The Goldbergs where Adam gets into deep trouble with this offer.

    I used to feel tempted by the UK version but knew it wasn't as good a deal as it looked.

    First single I bought was Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, 60p in Woolworth's ex-chart bin.
  17. I remember that Goldbergs episode. It struck a chord even though I was nowhere near as young as Adam when I joined.
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  18. The first albums I bought were:
    1. Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody
    2. Whitney Houston - Whitney
    3. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven On Earth
    4. Samantha Fox - Samantha Fox
    5. Jody Watley - Jody Watley

    Can't remember what came next, but I'm sure Pebbles and Sinitta were among the next few.
  19. Superb taste.
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  20. Thank you *blushes*

    At the time I made a list of all the albums I bought, but who knows where it is now.

    Also whenever my friends would borrow an album, I used to make them fill in a questionnaire to rate the songs (Verdict on Taylor Dayne's debut: "It's all just her screaming")
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