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What was your last music related purchase?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Not sure if a thread like this already exists... It feels like it should! I couldn't find one anyway.

    So, it can be CD, DVD, Blu Ray, Vinyl, Download, Cassette!.. Whatever you fancy. If you want, state where you bought it and how much it cost. Have they been worth your time, or do you wish you hadn't bothered now?!

    Due to the fact that this has been my worst (as in far too many) year for buying CDs, I will be populating this thread more than I probably should!

    Mods. If a thread like this does exist, please delete this one. I don't want to tread on anybody's toes!
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  2. Here are some of mine from the last couple of months.

    Abba (1975) Original CD
    Crises, Discovery, Five Miles Out. All by Mike Oldfield.
    Kim Wilde. Original CD
    Howard Jones - Human's Lib. Target CD. Also have One By One on order
    Rod Stewart - Camouflage and Greatest Hits. Target CDs.
    Lindsey Buckingham - Law & Order CD
    Rumer - Seasons Of My Soul CD
    Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA. Original CD
    Diana Ross - Why Do Fools Fall In Love. Original EMI CD
    Nick Kamen. Original 1987 CD
    Def Leppard - Hysteria. 1987 CD. (Sounds fantastic!)
    Wings Greatest. 1984 CD. (Also sounds incredible)
    Buckingham McVie. An actual new CD!
    Martika. 1989 CD
    Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways & Anything For You CDs
    Randy Crawford - Now We May Begin & Secret Combination CDs
    Nick Heyward - North Of A Miracle. Early US CD.
    Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell SACD

    Many of these were from Music Magpie. I've yet to have a bad experience with them.
  3. Wow. This thread has died on it's arse! Is there another one like it around or has nobody bought anything recently?!
  4. Lemonade vinyl for my boyfriend. Not the biggest Beyonce fan myself!
  5. To name just a few of the CD's I have bought in the last few weeks:

    Blondie - their complete catalog (incl all studio albums, several compilations and remix albums + CD singles box set and individual CD singles)
    Deborah Harry - complete catalog (incl all studio albums, compilations and CD singles)
    Everything But The Girl - their complete catalog (studio albums, both original + deluxe, several compilations)
    Tracey Thorn - all solo albums + a compilation
    Massive Attack - their complete catalog of studio albums + a compilation
    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
    Max Barskih – Mists
    Army Of Lovers – Crucify (US Maxi)
    Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife, Release and Fundamental (Further Listenings), In Depth, Essential
    Samantha Fox - The Fox Box
    The Supremes – Forever
    Madonna – Rescue Me, Secret (Japan Maxi CDs) + several unofficial live CD's
    Maluma - Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy
    Alison Moyet - Singles (w/bonus disc), The Essential & 25 (w/bonus disc)
    Nick Scotti - Get Over (US Maxi CD)
    Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite, Abbey Road (Japan)
    Loboda – H2Lo
    Diana Ross – Promise Me You’ll Try (Japan promo + 3” single), 30 Years Of Music (Japan promo CD)
    Lorde – Melodrama
    Blumchen – complete catalog of studio albums
    Bette Midler – In These Shoes (US Maxi)
    Prince – The Future (CD single)
    Bananarama – Bunch Of Hits
    The Cheeky Girls – The Party Album (10th anniversary edition)
    The Bangles – Definitive Collection
    Infernal – Fall From Grace
    Alison Moyet – The Other
    Shakespear’s Sister – The Best Of
    Chris Isaak – Best Of
    Ke – I Am
    Donna De Lory – Just A Dream (CD single)
    Prince – Purple Rain (expanded deluxe)
    Kim Wilde - Shame (CD single)
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  6. I can see you have the same problem as me..
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  7. Yes and this is just the tip of the iceberg really. I keep buying new shelves for CDs...
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  8. Yes, I'm running out of space! I didn't even list all the ones I've bought in the last few months..
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  9. Finding the time to actually listen to everything has proven impossible though. I still have the Dead or Alive box SEALED for example. I probably have hundreds of titles I have yet to listen too, although some I buy mostly to include in my artist collections (compilations, CD singles etc).
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  10. What promoted the entire Blondie/Debbie Harry back catalogue purchases?!
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  11. I have always been a fan but somehow I never really got into their catalog, besides the hits. When I heard "Fun" earlier this year I just felt it was time. I haven't listened to everything yet but what I have heard I absolutely love! Their more recent albums are excellent, especially their latest one. I am really looking forward to seeing them in concert later this year.

    So far I have about 70 Blondie/Debbie CD's + the singles box. In fact, I just bought the 5trk promo of Debbie's "Two Times Blue" less then five minutes ago. I should move away from the computer...
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  12. There are the following threads;

    I Just Bought - recent music purchases
    The Bargain Thread - recent sales/discounts
    Vinyl Justice - all things relating to record purchases
    Thrift Shop Finds - second hand finds in charity shops

    ...so I guess it's all covered elsewhere?
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  13. Throw in The Reissue Thread too and you'll have a pretty good idea what forumers have been buying.
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  14. Yeah, I've noticed the Bargain Thread but haven't seen the others. I did a search using titles similar to mine but nothing came up.

    Thanks anyway. At least it explains the lack of responses!
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  15. For the most part they're not threads dedicated to new purchases, but new purchases tend to be part of the discussion as they are quite conversational threads.
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  16. I think a couple were moved to the lists board as they were just, well, lists of things people bought. The search function isn't very sophisticated here, so you're better off searching Google for "Popjustice forum ____".
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  17. Most specifically I downloaded the new Dannii Minogue single today.

    Physical product was Samantha Fox's The Fox Box which arrived on the same day as I bought the new Lorde and Take That albums for a fiver each in Tesco.
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  18. The Fox Box
  19. LOVE this thread. I do find it interesting to read what people buy. Maybe I'm nosey but the people tend to live and breathe music like I do so I find it interesting.

    (Found in thrift shops - all sealed)
    Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (2 CD)
    AC/DC - The Razor's Edge
    The Chainsmokers - Memories... Do Not Open (don't judge me - it was only $3)
    Gorillaz - Human
    Kylie Christmas - standard edition (I already have two copies, why not another?)
    Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams (DVD)

    (Thrift shops - used)
    Shania Twain - Come on Over (Asian Edition)
    Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Armed Forces
    Erasure - Hits! The Videos (DVD)

    (New CDs)
    Def Leppard - Hysteria box set
    Purple Rain 4-CD deluxe
    Bob Marley - Exodus 3-CD set
    Dusty Springfield - A Brand New Me: The Complete Philadelphia Sessions
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