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What was your last music related purchase?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Only remixes for the last 3 and a remix of 'I'm over dreaming (over you)' on 'Better the devil you know'.
  2. Thanks. I love every song, even ropey old 'Secrets' haha. Kylie was so beautiful and the songs stand up so well.
  3. 'Secrets' is fucking fabulous. Still fantasize of a video getting up to all kinds of saucetressness in the video making 'pillow talk in the afternoon'
  4. Just got a copy (sealed) on eBay. I forget how much these sets were in HMV on release, but RoL seems to be the cheapest of them now.
  5. Why did this go out of print so quickly? Less copies pressed?
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  6. Yeah, probably less demand for it as her lowest selling PWL album.
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  7. I got the new Lady Gaga album which is already my favourite of her's.

    More excitingly I managed to track down a mint sealed CD copy of no hit wonder Alisha's brilliant Bounce Back album from 1990! She has an amazing voice for this type of pop. It was written and produced by Michael Jay and was I suspect what the follow-up to Martika's debut would have been had Prince not turned her head.

    The lead single is one of my all time favourite songs and was originally recorded by Martika in 1987

    The connection continues as Martika co-wrote this song and does backing vocals

    The other single is also a mega bop

    Highly recommended to any fans of 80s/90s flop pop!
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  8. I personally really like Let's Get to It, one of her most underrated albums. The only song I don't like is If You Were with Me Now but otherwise I can listen to everything else. Finer Feelings, Word is Out, Give Me Just a Little More Time, Let's Get to It are all great songs.
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  9. No b-sides on the singles, but there is a song called "I Am the One for You" which didn't make the final tracklist. It first came out in the late 90s on one of her Australian Remix albums but it also appears on the 3-Disc Deluxe Edition of Rhythm of Love.
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  10. I have to be honest, I don't think I've bought a CD in almost three months! I've mostly purchased Blu-rays as I have watched a lot of movies in lockdown. I guess the only music-related purchases have been the Madonna Truth or Dare (In Bed With Madonna) Blu-ray (as it seems to be going out of print) and The Bodyguard Blu-ray (which, shockingly, I don't have yet it's one of those movies I watch every time it's on television) and Easter Parade starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire (does that even count??)
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  11. I jest yes there are some good songs on there (although Finer feelings NEEDED that remix, the album version is bland as hell). It was just a massive let down after Rhythm of love but I guess anything would be.
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  12. Is this the one with the vinyl, or the 3 disc package?
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  13. 2CD/DVD. No need for vinyl and associated trinkets!
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  14. That’s the one I have too.
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  15. Chromatica bundle including deluxe cd (mediabooklet), signed cover, picture disc, transparent vinyl, 3 casettes. After seeing some pics online I thought it was all gonne be ugly but it isn't for sure and I like it! Altought hard to store without good sleeves...

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  16. I pre-ordered the deluxe Chromatica CD but cancelled the order after hearing the first two singles from it. I only really liked her first couple of albums but still bought every album up to the new one. I will probably end up adding this to my collection at some point but I´m in no hurry to do so.

    I quite like the multiple formats available for the album but I think as a standard there should always be a regular vinyl available with the actual artwork.
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  17. I've been buying a lot of Kraftwerk and DM stuff over the lockdown. Including a fairly expensive copy of The Man Machine 1978 French red vinyl that has just turned up and is 100% a counterfeit copy. People are such...

    Other than that, I would've like nothing more than to have bought the upcoming Mylene Farmer 7" box set, but Universal saw fit to stop sending me alerts and they've limited it to 1,050 copies which obviously sold out before I got a chance. So I didn't. People are such...

    Oh, and three Dalida compilations which should please @berserkboi.
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  18. I knew about the Mylene box set but the price was a bit much, especially since I already own most of the original 7" records. Still, it looks gorgeous and if the price had not been around 240 Euros I probably would have ordered it.

    Out of curiosity, which Dalida compilations did you get?
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  19. I just love 7" singles! I dread to think how much these will be selling for on eBay, but given the debacle surrounding the first run of coloured vinyl 12"s which were supposed to be limited to 300 copies a piece before they re-pressed them (those desperate fans that were paying £500+ for each of them on eBay!), I'm hoping that maybe they'll relent and press some more of this.



    The first two are just pretty much for A Ma Maniere and Captain Sky.
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  20. Considering the price of the 7" box set I´m hoping that perhaps these titles will be made available later individually.

    I bought all the regular reissues of Mylene´s 12" singles. Luckily I did not care that much for them as colored vinyl. I don't own any of her 12" singles between Comme Je Mail and Stolen Car, so I would love reissues of those.
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