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Whatever happened to AATW Records....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The_Rani, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Once home of such stars as Kelly Llorenna, Cascada, Dannii, Flip & Fill, N-Trance (and several other talents, not least DJ Casper and Big Ang)... Anyone know why they seemingly stopped releasing singles...

  2. Nothing, they're still going?
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  3. Last I knew Steve Kelly was now Chief Tech Officer or something like that at Universal (who distributed the AATW back cat). I’m sure I read somewhere Kenny hayes was made redundant a bit back.

    I was told the remaining AATW team had worked on a huge metatag data project on their back cat to get it all online and was told it should have been started to be pushed out in July last year... but nothing.
  4. Everything seemed to go very quiet after Dannii left. When I checked the Wiki page it seems that all reference to poor old Kelly Llorenna has been removed.

    I look forward to seeing if that project ever materialises, they had great singles.
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  5. It was good to have a Northern label making an impact on the charts.

    I have a fondness for Wheels On The Bus.
  6. I’m sure they had a load of sizeable hits after she left, it was just stuff that I was surprised was on AATW (thoughbhave forgotten what they are!).
  7. AATW happened to AATW.
  8. They got eaten by Universal. The Clubland series was all theirs for a bit, and they had a lot of sway over the other TV compilations Universal put out for a time, but once you're owned by a major you will be screwed over by a major.
  9. That's for that Auntie Beryl. I knew something went on. All those acts just seemed to disappear...
  10. That Clubland TV is still going but it's rather stuck in an early 2000s timewarp, except when it plays K-pop.
  11. They ruined Dannii Minogue .......
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  12. But they did wonders with cascada after Dannii left
  13. Did they? Post Touch Me Like That didn’t Cascada basically have a number one then never trouble the top 40 again? Not sure what went wrong there but surely AATW must have been banking on there being another hit from that era?
  14. I don’t remember . All I remember is that it seemed that Dannii was their first ever proper artist and they had no idea what to do with her.

    When cascada came along it was their first ever big smash hit artist for a little while .
  15. Well she lost momentum musically with them and although I’m here for Danniimusic it inadvertently pathed the way for her television career and ultimately X Factor when her whole profile and status reached by far its highest level.
  16. To be honest, I’m not sure Dannii ever actually left them... she just stopped releasing. AATW released her “This Is It: The Very Best Of” album in the U.K. (albeit once again, digital only).

    Never quite understood why AATW never gave Club Disco a physical release in the U.K. even on a limited scale, especially since all her other albums were getting the Deluxe Edition treatment, it could’ve been racked up with the others and bagged them decent sales...

    Would love them to release a vinyl for it now... if you’re listening AATW / Universal!
  17. I wonder if the rumours of Sophie Ellis-Bextor almost signing to them to release “Make A Scene” were true, or if it was purely just the UK Armin release of “Not Giving Up On Love” that created the rumour.
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