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What's Carola's second single?

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rob, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Rob


    Anyone know? I'm interested in buying the album, but want to hear a bit more first...
  2. it's Stanna Eller GÃ¥ and it's awesome!
  3. Is it more shlager goodness?
  4. It is indeed Jake, complete with key change, drum rolls etc. It's got a bit of a Turkish feel, very different from Evighet.

    If you like schlager, this new album is a must.
  5. The album came today, and it is amazing! Loving Carola!
  6. hurrah!

    Glad you like it Jake, I thought you would. It's pure pop goodness. Her throat was obviously not in good shape throughout the recording of the album (as demonstrated in Genomm Allt when she inadvertently lets out a squeak!) but her vocals are still better than most popstars around at the moment.
  7. Genom Allt was recorded last year for her last album Storst Av Allt - the version on her new album is the radio remix, the original was a ballad.

    She does sound a bit croaky in places though, but Stanna Eller GÃ¥ is my fave on the album along with Jag Ger Allt which I hope is single #3...
  8. Rob


    I heard Stanna Eller GÃ¥ and am I the only one who thinks it's a bit er... shit?
  9. The vocal on Genomm Allt is a new vocal though, the original ballad version didn't sound squeeky or croaky at all.
  10. The new single should have been "Tro Pa Karleken" anyway...
  11. It is a new vocal but it was recorded last year, she performed the track on one of the Melodifestivalen semis.
  12. She performed on the final last year at Melodifestivalen but it was a live vocal...
  13. I remember her performing! That lime green get up clashed a bit with her saint tropez....
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