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What's is the worst album by a favourite band or artist?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Madonna - American Life, which I am actually about to play because it's release day was april 21.

    I don't understand what y'all see in it. But I do love the last 2 songs.

    I even prefer MDNA
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  2. What?! No! So many good things came from that album, Nothing Fails I always see as a spiritual successor to Like A Prayer, the Re-invention Tour mix of Nobody Knows Me, the gut-wrenching Mother & Father and the beautiful X-Static Process. It helps that it was the first Madonna era I properly paid attention to, I'd witnessed Ray of Light onward but never bought the albums until American Life.
  3. I don't like Nothing Fails at all, although I have tried many times, and Like a Prayer is the only major iconic Madonna song I don't really like that much either. The Re-invention tour mix of Nobody Knows me is pretty good, I do like that song actually. I never really cared for those slow acoustic person songs on it. However, I am listening to the album for a second time today as I type, and I can for sure lyrically relate to it a lot more and hear alot more in it, than I did before. This past year has been quite the return of saturn for me. I've become much deeper as a person. I never really took in properly what it was she was singing about on this album. Just sonically i didn't like the album that much so I hardly listened to these songs. But maybe it is growing on me after today. Madonna never releases terrible music (aside from a few songs at best) in my opinion, so even though my least favorite album of hers it's still alright.
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  4. Wasn't Nothing Fails the one she wrote for Guy Ritchie? I remember her saying in an interview that when she played it for him he said he didn't like it!
  5. Jem wrote most of that, she probably added 'You silly thing' for a credit. 'Intervention' and 'Die another day' are all I use from that album, although I like the 'live' version of 'Nobody knows me'.
  6. Intervention is one of the best songs Madonna has ever done. Add to that Hollywood, X-Static Process, Die Another Day, Mother and Father, Love Profusion and Nothing Fails and you've got her second best album right there.

    Her worst is clearly Rebel Fart.
  7. Luv u!
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  8. Britney - Circus
    Madonna - Hard Candy
  9. Seriously? When Britney Jean exists.
  10. Circus and Femme Fatale are probably my favourite Britney albums...
  11. Nah, it might have her worst single on it and it's still pretty weak, but I think it's still better than the two before it. Even so, they're all full of embarrassing, flailing attempts to keep with the times, so whatever. (Why she didn't stick with Stuart Price longer, I have no idea - it certainly wouldn't have hurt.)
  12. I thought Rebel Heart was her best album in years. Somewhere in the lumbering 25 track SDE was a great 12 song album.
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  13. I don't mind MDNA at all and Give It 2 Me, Miles Away and Voices are better than the whole of Rebel (all 5076 tracks) put together. It's pretty much just mid-tempo dirge after mid-tempo dirge. Utterly unlistenable, a few tracks aside.
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  14. Loving Days is the only saving grace of the non-singles.
  15. Jem's original demo was called You Silly Thing. Madonna's only actual contribution appears to have been the "tree of life" part.
  16. Yes! All the big name collabs are a bit soulless and grasping. And it's too many producers and styles all crammed together. It was supposed to feature more Jim Steinman but I read somewhere they changed the concept and must have decided that duets and collaborations with big names would shift bucket loads. Which it did. I wish they had have had more of the Cory Hart songs. I liked those the most.
  17. Abysmal and I love her. That album is the pits! Just cringe.
  18. No.
  19. I cant even right now... Really? It's a fantastic album for what it is.
  20. There are some real gems on American Life. Some of Madonna's most beautiful ballads. Nothing Fails is epic, as is Easy Ride. And then there's Love Profusion and Hollywood and I even like Die Another Day.
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