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What's is the worst album by a favourite band or artist?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Madonna: MDNA
    Tori Amos: Midwinter Graces
    Lady Gaga: ARTPOP
    Prince: Planet Earth/20Ten
    Janet Jackson: Discipline
    Slowdive: Just For A Day
    Seal: Soul/Soul 2
    Annie Lennox: Nostalgia
  2. Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted to Sin: has been mentioned before along with the other 2000s albums, this takes the award for worst though as there's almost no redeeming qualities. The Beekeeper had some terrible songs (Ireland..) and the production was too schmaltzy, but there was still decent songs hidden underneath, eg. Jamaica Inn performed live is such an improvement. American Doll Posse was overlong and the production too pub rock, but at least she had her bite back and there's a decent 12 track album in there. AATS is Tori at her worst on all cylinders - writing, production and vocals. There's a bunch of songs which rank as her worst ever (Mary Jane, Not Dying Today..) and only about 5 which could be described as decent.

    Britney Spears - Britney Jean: An album which finally lives up to what the harshest critics deride her as.

    Ayumi Hamasaki - Party Queen: haven't listened to any new releases in the past few years but doubt it could be worse than this. A lot of her post-peak albums can be described as bland, most of this album is the opposite in the worst possible way. From songs which sound like Scooch B-sides to cabaret hell along with insipid ballads. Return Road is the only song I come back to.

    Prince - Emancipation: there's probably worse in his catalogue, I haven't bothered with the early 2000s internet or instrumental jazz albums, but the context around the album means it deserves a place. Fighting for years to be released from your contract because Warner won't release all the music you're recording gives the impression an album on a new label will be full of gems and creative bursts. Instead on a 36 track, 3 hour long album there's not enough decent material to fill 1 disc.
  3. I wonder what is Eurythmics least favorite album here? I can't think of mine now.
  4. Peace is a bit of a struggle.
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  5. Has to be Peace. I only played it a couple of times, and almost wish I hadn't.
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  6. Forever by Spice Girls surely, it ended their career. Okay, they might have not been wishing to continue on after it anyway but they alienated a lot of their 'pop' fans by releasing what is essentially an RnB album.

    I enjoy some of it but it doesn't sit well against their first two records.

    You can also throw in Passion by Geri.
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  7. I liked the lead single, but it proved to be misleading as it was the only decent track on the album.
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  8. Sheryl Crow hasn't really made a good album for a while. She's had a couple of 'okay' albums.
  9. I agree. What a disappointment, which is a shame because I find most of the Eurythmics catalogue to be pretty much flawless. When they reissued their albums over a decade ago, I bought every single reissue... except Peace.
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  10. I don't think I got the Peace deluxe either! Just checked my shelf and there's nothing Eurythmicsy for 1999.
  11. Have to agree with you!

    Let's admit: their timing was terrible, they should've stick to their bubble gum party pop instead of going with heavy R&B influences (well, the space of R&B influenced girlgroups was well filled by Destiny's Child and TLC already). However, it showed that they can sound mature and give realistic romantic proposals, unlike the previous two albums. This is the Spice Girls album that the non-Spice Girls fan will like the most I guess.
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  12. You're not missing much. It's part of the remastered box I bought in 2005. This was when I assumed all remasters were 'better'.
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  13. I loved Holler! And I loved Rodney Jerkins... It just wasn't Spice Girls anymore.
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  14. Their best music video by far!
  15. Forever didn't fail 'just' because it was an R&B album. You don't release a solo album the month before a group one (Mel B), schedule one for a few months later (Emma, and arguably Victoria as well) or play a solo tour up until the night before release (Mel C) if you're 100% committed to the group project.

    And in a group that high profile, if you're not 100% committed to the project, you might as well not turn up at all. Which, to be fair, they barely did.
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  16. I will never get why Janet's Discipline is so disliked. It renewed my interest in her big time.
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  17. Forever did sound like, "Fuck this shit. We're all going to be huge solo stars".
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  18. Aside from Holler, everything about Forever seemed lazy. The album cover just looked so basic.
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  19. I struggle to pick which of 20 YO and Discipline I like less, because there's absolutely no heart or soul in either of them.

    All the more remarkable when you consider that the former was supposed to be paying tribute to her classic breakthrough album, and the latter was made in defiance of her record label who wanted a Sade-type direction. Incredible, really.
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