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What's is the worst album by a favourite band or artist?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. You don't like Bionic?
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  2. Not really. I mean, I have conflicting feelings bout Bionic.
    I like some songs, think Aguilera made terrible singles choices. After 2 of them she and the label just gave up on the album. In a way, this album forced her to pause and rethink her career and if it wasn't for the negative critics, she probably wouldn't have become a coach on The Voice US.
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  3. Well, some of that might be speculation but fair enough. I think it's a great record just that the label interfered and wrong songs chosen for singles as you pointed out.
  4. How can you even mention Bionic in this thread when Lotus exists?

    (and with that hideous fake cover???)
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  5. You can at least salvage a pretty decent 6-7 track EP from Bionic. Lotus is almost wall-to-wall shite.
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  6. What's amazing is that no matter how factually wrong this is, one day, when you least expect it, you'll have walked home from shitty thing in the rain, and for whatever reason you'll listen, really listen, to How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful...and realise the (decent) albums before were just a starter for what will likely be her masterpiece. It just comes in time. God knows I gave the thing about half a listen when it was actually released before forgetting about it.
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  7. Ironically, the sleeve is the only think I liked about it!

    As for Eurythmics, absolutely Peace, and I didn't even think of it because it doesn't even exist in my mind.
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  8. U2 - Songs of Innocence - I was so shocked at how bad it was! There wasn't one memorable song/tune on there for me - Sorry. I hope the new album's better!
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  9. I ignored the album when it was added to my iTunes (along with everyone else's iTunes)....then last year I was updating my U2 anthology and decided to check out its "singles"....well, colour me taken aback, because they were better than anything I'd heard from U2 since about 2000. I bought the deluxe CD edition for about £2 new on amazon, and added those songs to my anthology.
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  10. A much-maligned album. "California (There Is No End To Love)" is the best thing they'd done in years and years - unpretentious and quite lovely.

    Remember when the most people had to worry about was that time U2 gave them a free album?

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  11. I like Lotus. Judge me.
  12. Not in a world where this one exists

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  13. I tried really hard to get into Grace Jones' late 80s albums. I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You) stands up with her best. “Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician” is a slam dunk, and I like Bulletproof Heart’s title track, but the rest is so cold and noisy and time-stamped. Oh, this random mix of Seduction Surrender is much better than the cacophonous album version. That's all I've taken with me.

    Thank God for Hurricane.
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  14. Dido - Girl Who Got Away (I've tried so hard to like this album but can't outside of a few songs.)
    Björk - Drawing Restraint 9 (Storm is one of my favorite songs from her though.)
    PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her (It's grown on me but Seagulls alone wins it this spot. Had some of the b-sides made it onto the album it would probably be a different story.)
    Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin (Gold Dust almost takes it because of what happened to Yes, Anastasia but songs like Flavor redeem it.)
    Fiona Apple - Tidal (All her albums are brilliant but this one just can't compete with the others.)
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  15. Touché
  16. Kylie Abbey Road. Played it I think three times. I always say, one song or two on the tour in this key is more than enough. Such a snoozefest.
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  17. Oh sis, you know I adore you but I feel you deserve to be dragged for this. Hard Candy is criminally bad. It is literally the sound of Madge deciding not to give a shit about her career.

    Okay, all is forgiven. Erotica is probably my favourite Madonna album. It's so provocative and unashamedly so. Madonna laid bare.... literally. Amazing. Earth shattering. Brilliant. Iconic. Mesmerising.

    I will just add that I love how inaccessible and furious American Life gets at times. Once you get past the minimal production and into the heart of what she's really saying: abandon material possessions and come together with your family friends its beautiful. Nothing Fails is Top 3 Madonna.
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  18. Some other least faves:

    Kylie - Body Language/Impossible Princess/Enjoy Torturing Yourself
    Dannii - Get Into You
    Pet Shop Boys - Release
    Cher - I Paralyze
    ABBA - Ring Ring
  19. Noooo Release is such a great album! I always rank it as one of my fave PSB albums.
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  20. Home & Dry is bloody lovely but most of the album is rather mawkish and samey. Everything blends into one. To put it into more contextensive, my favourite PSB album is Very.
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