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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. She has a lot of excellent other singles too and some great albums too.
  2. A track from a few years back...I want to say like 4/5 years at this point.

    It was a female vocalist and the lyrics went like this "and the song goes, la di la di dada daaaaa" or something. I've tried googling it but it brings up an old track, definitely not the one I heard.
  3. Alison Valentine, Peanut Butter?
  4. And The Beat Goes On? By Britney? Originally by Cher and Sonny.
  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    My first thought;

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  6. Nope, that's the one I googled.

    It was a breezy mid-tempo track. Vocalist was delicate.
  7. Nope. This was a full on single, heard it on the radio a lot. Not even a cover of this.
  8. Is this not We Can't Stop? Ha
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  9. Ok this one might be easier. More a band than song.

    4 or 5 guys, black & american and they had a track, was very dancy but american dancy not european dancy. They were young...16/17 at most. Again around 2011/2012 mark.

  10. Were they a boy band? Mindless Behavior?

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  11. Thank you!!!
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  12. Yes my first solved mystery!
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  13. One of them is in prison now.

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  14. One of them aged really well though.

    He looks like a young Miguel.
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  15. The mashup at the beginning of this video

    Is it a real thing?
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  17. Possibly this?

    Was out 2002ish, Avicii remix in the last few years

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  18. Probably not it, but good "lee da dee" songs:
    La Bouche - Be My Lover

    Maria Montell - Di da di (and so the story goes)
  19. Probably not this as it's 15 years ago? - unless someone did a cheap cover of it

  20. I know this is a long shot but whatever this song is it continues to haunt me. On a hot summer day in August 1996 I was passenger in a car with (I think Radio 1) on in the background. I heard a jangly guitar female vocal indie/ Brit pop type song (slightly 1960’s influenced).

    I waited for the DJ to say what it was at the end but he never ever did & just moved on to something else. My initial thought was it might have been a new Saint Etienne Single (or even Lush) it wasn’t either.

    I then saw “The Night” by Intastella advertised in Smash Hits & thought it might be that as the advert looked how it sounded (I heard that & realised it was more electro in production & not that either).

    I finally thought it might be a song called “On My Own” by a band called Peach (but it turned out not to be that either).

    I hoped it would turn up on Saturday morning TV or “Top of the Pops” (but it never did). I never ever heard it again & it seemed to vanish without trace. To this day, it still haunts me as to what it was.

    It was a mid tempo jangly indie pop song, with Power pop production a bit like The Popinjays or The Primitives (but slightly slower in tempo).

    I appreciate that it’s probably lost to the sands of time but I thought I’d see if it rings a bell & stop it haunting me.
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