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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. It didn’t sound American. It was more like a cross between Dusty Springfield/ Saint Etienne.
  2. Do you remember the approximate time of day? If it was evening on a weekday it would have been the Evening Session with Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley in which case it could be any long-vanished, not even semi-famous indie band.

    I remember Evening Session sessions with a British indie girlband, their name escapes me but they had a 60s feel. However, they did a jingle based on My Boyfriend's Back and it went "The Evening Session on Radio 1 hey-la, hey-la with Steve Lamacq". So that was probably 1997 after Jo Whiley moved to daytime.

    Sarah Cracknell released some solo stuff in Summer 1996 but that was more dancey.

    This has been bugging me for weeks now, I listened to the radio non-stop in those days!
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  3. It was a Friday Afternoon about 2.30pm but don't stress about it. It was a long time ago & I always knew it was a long shot to try & solve this and find the answer all these years later. It has not all been in vein as it has sparked a fresh interest in me rediscovering some old indie bops from days gone by (so don't feel your time has been wasted). I thank anyone who contributed towards helping me find the answer (in some way I do feel closer to it).
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  4. Yes, it has been a fun game and has taken me back to being a 12 year old escaping the trials of life with the radio and a copy of Melody Maker. Every time I think about it too hard I eventually just think of a woman who was Vicky Carr on Stars In Their Eyes in the mid-90s. She was great.
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  5. I heard a song yesterday and thought I knew enough lyrics to google it but must've misheard the lyrics - it sounded maybe like Kate Bush? 70s/80s ish sounding? Pretty sure one lyric was about a girl having a friend who lives next door and then "she scratches him" and some reference to sliding at some stage ... if anyone can help me out so I can track it down!
  6. Could it be “Kaska From Baghdad”, from the “Lionheart” album?


  7. ?

    Fits the time frame (1996).

  8. Sonically, it sounds sweeter/ closer to this - with similar echo/ reverb/ double tracked female vocal production - but at a slower tempo/ less cheesy (slightly melancholic melody) & updated production.

    (Like 90’s Indie cloning a 60’s sound to create a hybrid sound with 90’s britpop, you could almost dance to - except there is no dance production - the instrumentation is guitar/ drum based).

    Something not dissimilar to The Primitives but with a tempo you could almost dance to from the indie guitar/ drums.

    Organic instruments/ vocals that have been double tracked in the studio to create a fuller ‘pop’ sound. The echo effect on the female vocal almost haunts me.
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  9. No it wasn't that but thanks! It was very dramatic sounding with a quite jarring string melody that sounded out of tune but worked well in the context of the song.

    To be honest I'm not that familiar with Kate Bush and now I'm starting to think it wasn't her.

    Edit: just found it - Birthday by The Sugarcubes!
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  10. @SacredThistle This one?

  11. Aha! I was just catching up with this thread and knew instantly to recommend Birthday. Glad you found it.
  12. Might it be Cocteau Twins' Violaine? It sort of fits in with your description and was released summer 1996:

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  13. The tempo & production (aside from the heavy guitars in the break) are spot on.

    However it had a sweeter & hookier melody (in modern parlance it would be called an ‘earworm’) that was more 60’s pastiche.
  14. I heard quite a jolly Christmas song earlier and can’t find it by Googling. It’s sung by a man and the chorus lyrics are something like:

    I've been thinking about you this Christmas,
    I’ve been thinking about you this festive season.
  15. Thanks, but no, it was definitely a Christmas song.
  16. Well I found it:

    For some reason my Googling didn’t work yesterday.
  17. I need help, there was a singer who had a couple songs in like 2008ish I believe she was featured on popjustice at some point and she had a really weird name.... and a song about a house.... any help would be awesome I think she’s British and black
  18. Cocknbullkid- The Hoarder aka The House That Heartbreak Built?

    I'd link but it's not on Youtube.
  19. Yes!!!! Thank You so much!
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