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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I had one of the songs stuck in my head for over a week, more like just a part of the song that wouldn't leave me alone, it was a simple "ooh wow wow" moment. And togay I finally got it! So happy! It was AZU - LIAR'S GAME Co.JAZZY BLAZE, if you wanna know. Funny thing is it's in my phone's playlist, ha!
  2. I had totally forgotten about this song and it totally has reinvigorated me this week so thanks.
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  3. Thanks I was/ am a fan of Lush. My best guess (which admittedly is not a good one) right now, is it may have been a flop single by The Sunday’s. I don’t know The Sunday’s catalogue beyond that one big hit, so I can’t say for sure.

  4. This?
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  5. Or this one (which is one of my favorite songs by them)
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  6. Neither unfortunately, but thanks both for taking time out your day to help. It is appreciated.
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  7. W2K


    I have one line from a song in my head, the line is “help me out”. I originally thought it was Illusion by Kylie but it’s not. It’s definitely by a pop girl though. Any ideas guys?!

  8. ?
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  9. Slightly poppier and more commercial than your description, but it's not West End Pad by Cathy Dennis? She went a bit 60s jangly guitar in August 96.

  10. Sadly not, I was very switched on to the charts at that time, so whatever it is was, it was ultimately obscure but sounded like it was aimed to be a commercial indie hit. (A bit like dubstar or peach with a similar level of technology influence) but with a 60s influence also, a lazy beat - from real drums (hence the indie influence) possibly some synth & reverb on the vocals like Sarah cracknell. I’d say it had a slightly haunting shangri-las influence (in part due to the vocal reverb/ echo).
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  11. I’ve been trying for years to find a track that was released not long after Club Popjustice launched at Trash Palace in London, so I’m saying 2006. I recall constantly requesting it and getting it played by the DJ, I was obsessed.

    The singer was a female rapper in the vein of Lady Soveriegn/Jentina and the production along with the lyrical delivery was pacey and more commercial sounding to me. It stalled somewhere in the 30s on the UK Chart I believe, so it’s possible that this artist may have never released anything else. I feel like it’s highly possible she had two parts to her. name as an artis - a title or profession, and then a first name or the opposite way around. Then again, that could be me getting her blurred with Lady Soverign.

    The irony is that I became aware of the song through this forum, but since I remember neither the artist nor the song name, I can’t track it down as much as I’ve searched and searched!
  12. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Ms. Dynamite?
  13. No, but thank you. Ms. Dynamite I would have known.
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  14. Boomkat?
  15. Don’t Play Nice? Verbalicious

    Took The Night?
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  16. YES!!! Come through Vas!! Thank you x
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  17. Mess
  18. I can’t believe it turned out to Natalia Kills.
  19. Well there's my lipsync on my way to work in the snow song sorted for today.
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  20. I did not know Verbalicious was natakia kills! I feel dumb. I have a signed photo of her when she was Natalia Cappucini that I got in a prize bundle one time. She is like a shape shifter
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