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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Skunk Anansie? Rock group, girl singer, English, slithering on ground
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  2. No. It featured screaming and a scary video
  3. Found it. This was hard. Searched my laptops, emails, Spotfiy, iTunes, Hype Machine. Everything.

    Queen Adreena - Pretty Like Drugs.

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  4. @Kirkland your name comes up as a Queen Adreena fan when i searched them on here. @NecessaryVoodoo too.

    Queen Adreena stans
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  5. I sat up late every Thursday night to listen to The Radio 1 Rock Show with Mary Ann Hobbs. It started at 12 o'clock and went on until the early hours of the morning. I loved that she played loud music, so loud it felt like being smacked in the ears with a golf club, but I lived for it. Queen Adreena, for me, meant excitment, loudness, sophistication and power. KatieJane was so special to me. I was the biggest fan of Defenestration you could ever hope to meet (or avoid meeting) even when the rock fans were pissing themselves laughing at how 'pop' they were, and Kittie's debut is a firm favourite, but everyone agreed that Queenadreena were cool as fuck.
  6. I was in New Look at the weekend and heard a song I would describe as dream-poppy. Male singer. Music sounded similar to Empire of The Sun. The only lyrics I could write down were
    '......cemetery (end of verse)
    You and me were meant to be'.

    Tried to Google but no luck! Any ideas?

  7. I'm pretty sure this is it – the lyric is "symmetry", so I had to dig a little deeper.
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  8. Thank you so much Mirwais! You are a legend!
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  9. Nice song! I've just listened to his others too and they're also good. Great find @Antony85
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  10. I don’t know how to describe the song but i will try; it was a upbeat dance/pop edm kind of song with a kind of repeated whistle hook... i couldn’t shazam it at the moment and i don’t know how to gind it, please help
  11. I heard a bit of this song the other day, it was a recent sounding, chart friendly song with female vocals that featured the line "dreams come true". I can't really tell more because I just heard a little bit as it was someone's mobile phone ring tone. The lyrics are too generic/common for me to able to find it through them. Anyone have any idea what it is?
  12. I know it has been literally 84years.gif but you're welcome!
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  13. So I was listening to French radio on an Easter weekend getaway, and there was this beautiful song. The chorus went something like ' I just want to feel something, something, something. I've googled with no luck. It was a female singer who sounded a bit like the softer moments Natalia Kills (when she went by that name) and Marina and The Diamonds. If this rings a bell for anyone I'd be very grateful.
  14. I doubt this is what you're looking for as the title is way off and the song has hardly any of the lyrics you recall apart from "Friday night", but she was exceedingly young and early-00s:

    Perhaps this?
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  15. Not the one (the artiste and song that I had in mind were much much worse) but thank you for reminding me of Lisa Roxanne’s existence!
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  17. This is it!! Thank you so much!
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  18. My friend's trying to find a song... I was wondering if anyone would be able to help...

    There's a song with the lyrics : "hot bodies" "hot bodies" "makes you wanna fall in love" - male vocalist.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was from Germany/Europe. He calls it a "Workout" song aka you can spin to it (dance, electric, pop) - and they say it sounds like LMFAO... (judging him).

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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  19. "Ohhhhh-ohhh-ohh, is this the real thing?" sounds so familiar...

  20. I was just in a bar and a song was playing. The only lyrics I could hear were something like ‘I’ll see you in the darkness’ over and over. The woman singing had pale pink hair and it started and ended in a locker room. There were lots of topless men throughout and motorbike daredevil stunts. Any ideas?
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