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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. So for years this one music video has been in the back of my mind, eluding and mystifying me, because I can't recall the name of the song and artist. Let me recline on the couch. It was back in the halcyon, long-gone year of 2011, in a thread posted by @Mvnl; the song was by a female singer, and I'm sure the video was set in a parking garage. She might have entered or left a car at some point, and I think she might have had short hair, or at least a bob cut. That's all I got. Also, for some reason I'm convinced that the title had numbers in it, and it was very short, so it might have been a time notation like "5 AM" or something.

    Sigh. Will I ever find closure? Will I be on my deathbed, drawing my last breath, still unable to shake off the image of the elusive Bob-Cut Woman in a garage from my febrile mind? Would that I could go back to 2011... Thanks for the psychoanalytic session, I feel better now.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm intrigued and should possibly have the answer. Any clue on what kind of sound/lyrics it had?

    Just posting this as a random 2011 song I remember:
  3. Great thread.

    There's this track I've been looking for for a few years now; can't remember much about it but it was by a blonde female and the chorus was something about wanting "love'" and "revenge". Any help?
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member


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  5. Now I'm really curious what that first song is.
  6. ???

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  7. 2014

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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Is she credited solo, or is she the featured artist on the song for the producer?
  10. She's definitely the lead artist.

    And no to everything posted so far. Blocked blocked blocked. None of you are free of sin.

  11. I'm wondering if this mysterious pop singer's voice is anything at similar to Annie's (who's from Norway and usually is blonde).
  12. How long ago would she have featured on PopJustice? Perhaps one of her songs featured on the PJ Best of 2016 playlist?

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  13. Any of her songs?
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  14. I'm really anxious to see this mystery solved.

  15. Though it doesn't have a video so probably not...
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  16. I do love these kinds of threads. There's one song I spent like...10 years searching for and I think found it on here actually. I ALWAYS forget who did it. It's a video that has a vague Alice in Wonderland theme/candy theme and the song might be titled similarly. Pretty sure she ended up Jack White's back-up singer or something.

    EDIT: Oh. That was easy.
  17. I have been trying to find a song that I remember seeing on some Spanish music channel when I was on holiday there in 2008.

    I don't have much to go on apart from it was a song that was a hit in mainland Europe in the summer of 2008 but not in the UK and the only thing I can remember about the video was people walking up and down a kind of model catwalk/runway and doing silly things on it.

  18. im trying to find the song in this clip ugh.
  19. It's 'Jazz Clip' by Karl Bean Spears.
  20. I have one to ask that I've wanted to find the name/video of for ages.

    It was a french house type sounding song. The video is set at some kind of swimming pool and there's a swimmer in cap doing lengths with lots of stuff going on around her. Vague description, but I remember watching it on some kind of late night TV show on ITV years and years ago.

    Reminds me of the time when Ant & Dec presented a Party in the Park thing on TV and the music used from the ad break things was Fred Falke's Intro. No lyrics to speak of, just kinda Daft Pink sounding so impossible to describe to somebody. It wasn't until someone played it to me and thinking I'd like it... I kissed his face about 5 times when I realised what it was.
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