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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Bop
    I read that description and would have never guessed they were talking about Oblivion, talk about flop stan
  2. The "topless men" part predictably made me remember...
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  3. Thanks so much. I googled it but the description came up with some interesting results shall we say haha.
  4. BE1EE3ED-3BEB-4595-840C-07284FB1F0A5.jpeg EF9B7331-39E9-4CFC-8F0D-4F847ED94BF3.jpeg I was in a bar in barcalona last night and some absolute banger come on but no idea who or what the song was. All i have are two crappy pics from the video....any ideas?
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    All of y’all are missing out on Spanish pop’s own Charli XCX. Bad Gyal only makes 100% POP AF BOPS.
  6. I had no hope of finding this ho-BOP but you my friend have just saved my morning commute to work.
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  7. It's time. For y'all. To help my boyfriend.

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  9. K94


    Think I got it!

  10. Yessss!! He's so happy. Thanks.
  11. Scream 'short ear length hair' gave me Ann Lee but I've never seen any of her videos so didn't think much of it.
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  12. need to identify a song, woman at the start says something a bit like 'it's Brintney bitch' (possibly misheard) in a sex hiss
  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    What a classic banger!
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  15. OMG I forgot this existed. Thanks for brightening my day with this charity shop Bjork realness! :-)
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  16. my god I almost choked
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  17. Can someone please help me with identifying a late 90s early 2000s bubblegum pop song? Don't know if its song by one girl or more than one girl but the chorus goes "Yeah, yeah yeah!" followed by a phrase that sounded like "Making it up"? And it repeats again with "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" I heard it a lot when I was young but I have never heard it ever again. But it has been on my mind for almost 20+ years now and I want it to end.
  18. Oh, my mom said I used to love that song when I was 3. I don't remember that, which is actually pretty strange because I actually do remember so many songs I heard back then.
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  19. HELP this drag queen performed a song on Saturday that was a bop. It sounded so much like Cardi B and it said something like "ass so fat" or ass too fat but googling yielded no results. It's definitely not the Sage ft. Trina song, fyi. PLEASE HELP I NEED IT.
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