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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

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  2. Last Dance by Rhys?
  3. There was a video on at the gym with no sound:

    White girl lead, brown hair, black headband, black guy lead, always in shades, the set was mainly black and white stripes, which they (and two dancers) were both dressed in to match, so there was a quirky visual trick when the camera moved, then there were some less interesting sets where the fashion match didn't seem to work.

    Anyway, it looked bopsome.
  4. Most annoying thread on PJ after 'Say Something Nice For Above Poster' or whatever that is called.
    Just brings anxiety.
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  5. FUCK. So last night I went through all the pages on P&J from 2011 looking for this song, and found nothing. But mom taught me to never give up, so I did a hit of K and went through all the pages from 2010 just to be sure, and what do you know, as it happens... the mystery is over. The goal of my life has been fulfilled. I found her. This FLOP:


    The thread: UMA - '100 Hours Later' & 'High Heels'

    This is a flop of such magnitude that its music video has been erased from YouTube and all other platforms, and the only evidence remaining of its existence is the single cover. As such I will have to content myself with only the memory of Uma (FKA Bob-Cut Woman) in a garage, lingering in my mind forever, but that's OK because 1. I was right regarding the time notation hunch about the title ("100 Hours Later"), the video setting and her hair. 2. I wasn't right about @Mvnl opening the thread, in fact it was @Charley, but it makes sense that I confused them because they were both mods and @Charley is Dutch too (I think?).

    Also, Japanese bonus kii: in my trawling I found the thread on Kyrah, a trashy flopstar whose name escaped me for years and always lingered in the back of my mind. I could only really remember that she was a Kesha clone. Anyway apparently she never released anything besides that amazingly terrible first single and vanished off the face of the Earth.

    Now to find a new source of meaning for my life...
  6. thanks so much for this.. it needs to be a hit been stuck in my head from just clicking it.
  8. I love this thread (but yes, mad anxiety as well).

    So, the song that's eluded me is one I heard at a random Thai restaurant in 2007-2008. Female vocal. Noir-sounding melody. The only lyric I remember was something like "David can you heeeeear me?."

    There's strings, and what sounds like a harpsichord almost? I think it's a modern song meant to sound more classic. It was so hypnotizing and struck me, but I've never heard it since.

    *edit* I forgot to mention that it's not "David" by Nellie McKay. I actually thought it was at first too, because I remember hearing that song in high school, but the only reason I thought so was because the melody was really similar.

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  9. Oh My God it was that all along!?
  10. Charley

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    Surprise, @Raisin Hell !

    And I don't know how available this is internationally, but the album is up here on Spotify:

    I'm from Belgium, where we also speak Dutch, so that's probably where the confusion with Mvnl comes from.

    Also, that Kyrah song was a bop and a holf.
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  11. Ok but go post in it so I can praise you, zad.
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  12. Dhjaskks I accidentally used my old account to upload that clip you BITCH
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  13. Oh that happened to me, I was in Spain in 2008 and I loved the song that was number 1 at the time. Only thing it was completely in Spanish! I remembered it like 7 years later and could remember the melody (because I'm a psycho like that) and finally found it by searching Spanish number 1's in 2008.

    Doubt this is your song because it doesn't have a run way in the video but it's a BOP. Posting it cos I can.

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  14. ?
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  15. I love you.
  16. Can somebody find me this song ?

    I think its still fairly recent, a French popgirl who in the video try to kill her boyfriend in the pool bcs her boyfriend cheat on her. The music is chill and funky, and also the girl doesnt have typical model body type
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  17. Probably not this as too old and it involves a bath instead of a swimming pool.. but just in case


  18. Soleima - Breathe?
    (one of my favorite songs at the moment).
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  19. THIS IS IT!!!

    Thank You! Such a good summer bop!
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  20. I've just read through this whole thread and I'm gutted to discover that the Scandipop Queen mystery still hasn't been solved.
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