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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. There was one in last week's NMF, or the one before. Maybe it was the Popjustice one.
  2. I was at a family barbecue today and I heard this 70's disco song with prominent strings (or some other non synth instrument). The vocals were feminine. I think I heard "strong enough" and "weak" in the chorus. It was definitely not Cher. I recognized it as I heard it so I think it's a big pop song instead of something obscure.
  3. All I could think of, but doesn't include the word weak:
  4. Radio 1 played a quirky dance track around 6 PM today. I wondered if it was Lizzo but hadn’t heard it before and it was quite heavily influenced by Deee-Lite and Betty Boo.

    Any ideas?
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    I've just looked on their website and was it this?

    I'd be v. surprised if you didn't know it already though
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  6. That’s it and I love it. Shoulda known it was Missy-Moo. Queen.
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  7. FOUND!

    Is it this?
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  8. I heard a song I really liked in a coffee shop yesterday and made a note to mention it here. Now I can't remember anything about it. So annoying.
  9. At a spin class the past few weeks there has been a dance track with a piano (ish) beat to it. No lyrics. I really need to ask what it is!
  10. It wasn't this song by any chance?

    This was constantly played when I used to go to spin class back in 2016.

    EDIT - oh wait, nevermind. You said there was no lyrics. My bad.
  11. Might be a bit obvious but is it this-

  12. Anyone know the song played on the titles of Glastonbury on the BBC?

    'Gotta keep on pushing me higher' over an electro beat.

    Google found zilch.
  14. Thank you! Had an idea it would be them!
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  15. Okay this a huge longshot but I remember in 2012 I was scrolling some music video website and stumbled across this generic but very boppable song by a black female called something like Forever In A Day and it had the word perfect in the chorus and featured her waking in a park and possibly dancing in the video. It wasn't the Kelly Rowland song of a similar name but did sound like it. I just remember the chorus being really catchy.
  16. A friend of mine was trying to remember the name of a song that he swears was a hit with three big voices female singers. He remembers it as an uptempo dance/freestyle but could be pop.

    He didn’t think it was a group but three singers thrown together for a big song. Said it was most likely 90’s but could be early 00’s.

    Wasn’t Whitney or any of the real big names, which makes me think it was actually a group.

    I offered up Wild Orchid but he says it wasn’t them.

    Any thoughts?

  17. ?

    Probably not but mainly posting because what a BOP.
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  19. This is probably a late 70's - early to mid 80's song that sounds a bit like The Romantics' "Talking In Your Sleep" but there is a male vocalist that reminded me a bit of Sting going on about either "keep on, keep on, keep on" or "give up, give up, give up". Any guesses?
  20. I heard a remix of Feels So Good by Sonique with a very similar bass to Don't Be So Shy

    Does anyone know what that remix is?
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