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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see Lizzo at #1. She’s been the most exciting & refreshing star we have had in a while. After such killer performances these past couple months I think we have a real superstar in our midst.
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    Cute but wrong thread maybe??
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  3. Crap. Sorry! Using PJ on my phone never bodes well
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    Does anyone remember a song that was a free download on PJ around 2005ish. Im pretty sure it was written/produced by Steve Anderson. The opening lyrics were " Cold light ¿streaming? Through my window". It was a mid tempo electro bop with synths and a female vocalist and was very Kylie.
  5. @Popjustice
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  6. It's a cover of Blondie's Call Me I heard in a store but by the time I got the shazam it was over. It was sung by a woman and she was kinda whispering on the chorus.
  7. Hi! So I'm looking for a recent-sounding (as in sometime this decade but might be brandnew) uptempo pop song by a female vocalist with hard-hitting synths (the opening is akin to Gaga's applause) where the chorus goes "everytime i close my eyes" or "everytime we say goodbye". There's a bit before the chorus that consists of an "oh-oh" followed by quickly sung 6 or 7 syllables which repeats twice, the rest of the lyrics I can't remember.

    I've searched genius, lyrics, discogs, google, a number of syntyhpop/electropop Spotify playlists with no luck, please help me.
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    Maybe? Half of Nouvelle Vague with Skye from Morcheeba on vocals.
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    It sounds like the old British Airways advert rather than a music video...

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  10. That's the one!! Thank you
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  12. So... my father showed me the video below because he thought it was funny, but I'm actually interested in figuring out which song is playing. Soundhound didn't work for me and I don't have Shazam downloaded.

    I can't even figure out the language, is it arabic??? it kinda sounds like it but it doesn't as well.
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    Shazam doesn't have it either.
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  14. I'm having a breakdown.

    It's a song that sounds VERY similar to Tame Impala, vocals wise. The chorus repeats the same line over and over but I'm having a mindblock to what song or even band it could be?!
  15. I know a song that samples this (or shares a sample with it) - it shares the instrumental riff at the start.
    All I can say is it's definitely by a female artist, but I'm sure it won't be anyone too obscure.

    EDIT: It was Elastic Love by Christina Aguilera.
  16. Who’s that gay Latinx (?) country singer??
  17. Do you mean Orville Peck? He's not Latinx, but I'm not sure who else you might mean.
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  18. Yes that’s him! Oh idk why I was under the impression he was.
  19. Eeek that’s awful!
  20. Yes - but it was released as a single I think. I’m sure I had the cd

    Ahh it was Luminaire - Flower Duet
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