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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Ok I need serious help with this one.

    I know the lyrics of one part are vaguely "it was the right idea at the wrong time" it's a male vocal not sure if solo or a band. HELP PLEASE!
  2. This?

  3. No it's not that one sadly
  4. This is probably a really well known song but I hadn’t heard it before. The video was played while waiting for Little Mix to come on stage on Thursday. It’s a male band who looked a bit alternative and the last word in every line of the chorus was sung higher pitched than the rest of it. Any ideas?
  5. This?
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  6. Yes!! Thanks very much.
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  7. Hi, might be a bit tough cause I haven't much info, sorry for that
    Here we go I heard that song this morning while I was at the hair-dresser: there a quite long (~40/50sec) electronic instrumental intro and at the end of the intro a female vocalist says "Breathing".
    Unfortunately someone at the hair salon skipped the track there so I haven't heard more.

    The Electro intro remind me of the kind of instrumental track Justice, Sebastian or Kavinsky could do (heavy/dark synth, with a chord progression.)

    I would say the track should be quite recent 2010+

  8. Anyone know from this one second clip?

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  10. Thanks so much.
  11. XO.


    I keep hearing the lyrics "Oh look at where I'm coming from a long long way, long long way" or "Look at where I'm coming to decide a long long way". It sounds like a rock/punk band or solo male artist judging from the voice.

    The video I recorded the music from was quite muffled and lots of talking over the music so I couldn't make out what song it was clearly.

  12. Uno


    I heard a song at a bar that went something like "Wow, it's the magic, satisfaction guaranteed" it was a male singer and very 80s, Pet Shop Boys-esque. It may even be Pet Shop Boys, but I'm not well versed in them to know.

    Any help would be great!
  13. Found this song off the lyrics:

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  14. Found this Popjustice article about a song by a female artist produced by James from the Freemasons:
    Oops sorry I see you already had your answer in the Freemasons thread...
  15. Some female trios that came and went in the late 90s:

  16. maybe
  17. Yesssss! That's the one thank you!
  18. Hi! There's this song, I think it's a remix, it was very ethereal, with a female singer and it said "it won't... end well". It was a very beautiful song, it sounded like it was underwater, I don't know to explain it.
  19. This is extremely vague, but I'm looking for a track from (I believe) the mid-2000s, possibly a Scandipop sort of vibe - my brain keeps telling me it's an Annie song but I don't think it is. Whoever the singer is has a soft, kind of high voice, and there's a specific bit where she sings "you won't see me [pause] again" on a descending melody.

    The way Dua phrases "let me give you [pause] a taste" on Future Nostalgia made me think of it and I can't place it! It's been bugging me all week.

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