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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I've been trying to think of this dance song from around 2006-ish, used to see the video on BPM all the time. I remember it having a guy who was just really walking down the street/sidewalk, I think he was wearing a yellow t-shirt. The lyrics were something like: "it's gonna be a happy day" or "sunny day" or something like that. I remember it being fairly popular.
  2. Except it fucking has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scandipop blonde artiste
    • With a Scandiname
    • Jean(s-y?) jacket
    • Sunglasses
    • Looking down at us
    • Summery tropibop tune
    • Recent-ish (video came out March this year)
    • Diving underwater
    • Swimming pool
    • Did I mention blonde?
    • Indie
    • Gratuitous feature ("feat Hoodboi")

    Thank you so much! Legend!
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  3. ?

  4. That Fred Falke one drove me mad for years! I knew it had a sample from The Jets 'Crush on you' (the ahhh ahhh is a backing vocal sample from it) so I used that as a google search but nothing. Eventually found it by pure luck on a Hed Kandi CD. Similarily, 'Intro' by the XX was another one that drove me mad for years trying to find.
  5. This is probably a long shot but I really want to know what song these x factor girls are dancing to. Tried shazaming it with no luck. It's been bothering me for like a year.

  6. It's Flex by Rich Homie Quan, but it sounds like somebody doing a remix of it.
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  9. Not Mika. This wasn't by a well-known artist, but, I believe it was a big dance hit. I think the background of the video may have been animated? The guy had curly (slightly poofy) hair.
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  10. Omg thank you! This is officially my new favourite thread.
  11. This is what im looking for ! Thank you very much !
  12. *MIKA - Happy Ending plays*
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  13. Happy to help!

    Here's my mystery - a female-sung, ethereal, synthy/electronic track from late 2008. Not Robyn but has that melancholic feel of "With Every Heartbeat" et al. Heard it playing in River Island during the post-Christmas sales period (December of that year) but couldn't remember the lyrics by the time I got home - it's been bothering me ever since.

    I've half a mind to ring up River Island head office and ask if they keep records of their old in-store playlists...
  14. Pro-tip for finding songs: if you can remember any lyrics, even certain fragmented words go to Genius and put those words into their search bar. The functionality of it is actually great, and every song with those words should come up pretty easily.
  15. Possibly one of the other female fronted songs Kleerup did for his 2008 album?
    Until We Bleed
    Longing for Lullabies
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  16. The song starts at :20, when she gets out of the car. It sounds like Madonna's vocals, but could never identify the song. Maybe it's an unreleased Madonna/Oakenfold track?
  17. Holy shit that's a bop.

  19. This gold plated bop?
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  20. AAAAH! YES! Thank so much for reminding of this! <3 It's funny how off I was on the lyrics though LOL.
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