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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Thank you!!!
  2. The 'Ay ay ah ah' in Zara's Love Me Land reminds me of a Nelly Furtado song but I can't remember which.

    It will be a big single since I don't know much of her work.
  3. This, perhaps?

  4. I think it's the 'Hey' part in Big Hoops I'm thinking of.

    This song bops though, I need to finally get into that album.
  5. I'm getting Kelis - Milkshake from Love Me Land.
  6. Kissing Game - Netflix - opening song?
  7. I think it's: Letrux - Vamos Ser O Caos.
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  8. Are you thinking of this?

    I only recently discovered it on Spotify, and I've become obsessed.

    It was released in 2004, the singer & video match your descriptions, and she sings about a "rose of the vase".

  9. I have the CD of this album. Quality.
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  10. Trying to think of a song which was played quite often on MTV Europe, so I assume she’s a European artist.

    Blonde female solo artist, Mandy Moore In My Pocket/Middle Eastern twinge vibes but firmly pop music, mid 2000’s (??). I can’t remember the lyrics but there were a lot of Na Na Na’s in there which has made Googling it difficult!

    Any ideas!? I know I’m going to kick myself
  11. Is anyone able to help me identify a song that came out this year by a female indie-ish singer that has a sunflower (I think) on the single/album art? It’s a slow-ish song. Merci!
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


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  13. That’s not it @2014 but thanks! I’m thinking now maybe it’s not a sunflower but the colour scheme is definitely yellow/bit green and there’s maybe a woman standing there?
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  15. Seriously though, maybe it's something from this album?

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  16. I've been trying to find this one for a while now.

    Late 2000s, basic pop girl wannabe. Aired on the american MTV Hits back in the day.

    The song is very summery and the girl has a scale in which she judges men and I remember a verse like "If you're a 9 might get my number" and another one like "from 1 to 10 you're like a zero".
    Blond girl in the music video, wearing a bikini at the beach.
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  17. Okay here is something that's been bugging me for decades. A mid to late '90s Eurodance riff that I remember from my childhood eluding me. It's one of those chunky Alice Deejay-style sax synth riffs. I did look up all the big Eurodance hits at the time but nothing matched. I know nothing about music theory but here's the melody played by ear, sorry if it sounds embarassingly rudimentary. I hope someone can help me place this. I need this mystery solved so I can move on with my life haha.

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  18. Made me think of this:

  19. A classic but not it i’m afraid, the synths here are more ‘80s Eurythmics-esque.
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  20. sounds like it could be this

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