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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hi. Looking for a pop song - something like Far Away From Home, Feels Like Home, something about knowing people home or home is where the heart is or whatever.

    Sounded like a basic pop bop and played on Italian radio today so must be known. Very catchy but after a few Aperol my brain didn’t kept it...

    Does anybody have any idea by this terrible description?
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  2. I got you. That is Smooth by Rob Thomas and Santana.
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  3. Ah no. It’s way more pop and literal and new. But thank you for putting this back in my mind.
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  4. Ooh, I might have an idea! It's recent, it's catchy, it's got 2/3 of those lyrics in it...

  5. Oh wow that it is which is extremely funny because I know the singer personally since she’s friends with a friend. Thank you! Need to tell her - didn’t follow the career that close but knew she had a few small hits here. Amazing.
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  6. I’m still looking for a pop/dance song that sounds perfect for Melodifestivalen. I could have heard a remix though.

    The lyrics sound a bit like “You know it ain’t the same, on and on and on, I hear you coming/calling...”

    I heard it in the background of an Instagram stories post a few weeks ago from a German social media pilot! The song might even be in German! Ha!


  7. Anyone have any idea what remix of Telepopmusik Breathe is in this?
    Shazam has failed me.

    Kicks off very distinctly around 01:00.

    Warning: this video may show a cute skater vaping
  8. I’ve been trying to remember the name of this song for a while now.

    It starts with a short intro, cassette tape sound effect, where a female voice sings a few times the line “it’s the very last time, you make me feel this way” and then the beat comes in. It’s a dance-pop song.

    It probably came out around 2013. PJ posted a very positive review about it.

    Does anyone remember this?
  9. I looked up the lyrics and this came up. It sounds like your description.

  10. I caught a bit of this song on a music channel yesterday - a current sounding pop bop sung by a woman, and the only details I remember are the video has some geometric backgrounds and there's a line about either "hay fever" or "high fever". Anyone have any idea what it is?
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Immediately sprung to my mind - she mentions hay fever in the bridges ddd and it’s a boppppp!

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  12. That's exactly it, thanks! I definitely didn't expect it to be a music video that's not even been out for 24 hours dd
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  13. Does anyone know the song at the end of this trailer?

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  15. Unflopped featured this Sheryl Lee Ralph track which I can't believe was never on my radar - however it sounds so much like another song and I can't put my finger on what it is

    It could be just because it sounds so much like the era - but I'm convinced that opening sounds like another song
  16. Looking for a song with that melody:

    I'd say mid/late 90's, probably a British band
    The song is an electronic instrumental all the way I believe
  17. Its not this one?
  18. Not it's not, but thanks!

    The song I am thinking about is an instrumental (quite sure about that)
    The melody from the YouTube video more or less is a loop along the whole song (there is no pause, it just loop over and over with some progression with drums etc.)
    As I said I think mid/late 90's, could have been Moby - maybe more 'indie'
  19. Is it R E A L by Le Youth? That starts with the cassette sound at least, and was from 2015 I think.

  20. I found the song I was looking for after all, cheers
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