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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Anyone know what the song in this advert is?
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Sounds like Freya Ridings??
  3. Love Is Fire - Freya Ridings.
    Shazam is a much quicker way to get answers if you have a recording of the song.
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  4. It was 'Safe With Me'.
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  5. Thank you. I haven't used Shazam for years, really appreciate it though.
  6. HELP I just heard an upbeat, bop version of Grown-up Christmas List in Publix and it knocked! It was sung by a female with a Zara Larsson-esque voice?
  7. Help me out girlies!

    • It’s not a Christmas song per se but it has a sad Christmassy feel and it set maybe at Christmastime but definitely winter.
    • The narrator is describing bumping into an old flame and going for a drink with them.
    • The last line is something along the lines of “as you walked away/the snow came falling down” or the snow turned to rain or something.
  8. Google is suggesting me this and it fits the description so maybe?

  9. This is so vague but there's this Christmas song I keep hearing and hate but I still want to know what it is.

    The only thing I can tell you is that it's by a woman, and the chorus goes something like
    Christmas (guessing that's the word) [word] [wooooooorrd]

    The last one is very grating and that's what I hate about it.
    It sounds fairly old, must be a classic of sorts.
  10. Thanks hen, I found it shortly after my post! xx
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  11. So this is probably an easy one but for some reason I've not been able to find it...

    Early / mid 2000s, I want to say it was the Corrs but it's not (?) again I could be wrong. I remember a band, maybe 4, 2 woman 2 men, in a light house / old run-down building and the walls begin to break and let the light in? Does this ring any bells?
  12. Summer Sunshine by The Corrs has a video like that but if it's not them I'll need to think harder dd
  13. Sorry this is vage but I heard a fifties sixties sort of song yesterday sung by a female voice and it had "shoo wop" in the chorus as well as a spoken bit by a man.
  14. Makes me think of this
  15. Since Shazam failed me, can someone please help me ID this track she's voguing to? It sounds overwhelmingly familiar, probably a classic track I've streamed before.
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  16. Not this but thanks, it may be a new cover of a song from this time. Ill keep looking.
  17. Just had a music video play as a YouTube ad during UNHhhh. It didn’t give an artist or track so maybe you can help identify it for me please. Young female artist, Ellie Goulding esque-ish, video features only the singer in a sequin dress on a sailboat, the water is actually fabric she jumps from the boat and walks on the fabric “ocean” there are some lighting changes. Hopefully someone has seen the video and knows who it’s by as I can’t remember a single lyric
  18. It's
  19. Yes Thank you
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