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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. as in Call Me Al, or sounds like it?
  2. Cheers that's the one!
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  3. Earlier today I heard this fairly downtempo, mellow electronica song with male vocals which were extremely autotuned, to the point it was hard to make out the lyrics, but there was a "while you are/were sleeping/asleep" line and I think he used the word "control" as well. Anyone have any idea what it might be?
  4. There was a band early 00's might have been early 10s, when the female pop/rock invasion happened. I remember it was 3 members, the lead had bright orange hair. They had a couple of singles and an album. The lead then went solo, released a song (Possible for a film) and disappeared. I think her name began with a H. Holly maybe?
  5. It doesn't 100% fit, but maybe you're thinking of Morningwood and Chantal Claret?
  6. Not those nope.
  7. Found it - The Faders
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  8. Sounds like The Faders, the lead singer was called Molly.
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  9. A redhead called Holly you say...
  10. Well her name is Molly McQueen and she has red hair, not far off.
  11. Can anyone identify the orchestral/violin sample, at the start of this song?

    I'm pretty sure it's fairly famous, as I've definitely heard it a few times before over the years

    PS - I've tried using Soundhound/Shazam type apps, but they keep bumping me back to the song below

    Sean Deez - Run
  12. In the early 00s, when Popworld was at it's height, I recall Simon and Miquita mentioning some French boyband, called something like Adele, Amelie....

    Anyone know who they were and what their attempted UK crossover single was?
  13. I guess you mean Alliage? I'm not actually familiar with them, but according to Wikipedia they only released two singles in English, so it must be one of those two.
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  14. Was it this?

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  15. Alliage dueted with Boyzone but still no idea why Popworld would feature them.
  16. I feel like I have a vague recollection of this too! I was studying French around then so anything about France made me turn my head, but I am not convinced I've found the right one.

    Alliage were done by 99/2000 apparently, so it doesn't seem likely that they were mentioned on Popworld.

    The name doesn't work, but could it be 2be3? They had a song on the Rugrats in Paris soundtrack which was released in Europe in 2001 so the dates match with very early Popworld. I also feel like I saw that name in Smash Hits but I could be confusing them with 2wo Third3 from years earlier. Could they have been talking about the film Amelie which was massive at that time and would have been mentioned along with anything vaguely French in UK media? The song sounds familiar but I'm not sure if that's just because it's very of its time.

  17. Can someone please help me? I've had this one stuck in my head since I woke up and I just can't remember, I'm almost sure it's by an indie band or something like that. I went through some of The Vaccines songs but it wasn't that. I keep mistaking the chorus with Sweather Weather when it gets to the part. Can only remember the melodies during the verses and pre chorus, forgive the messiness.
  18. Is it this?

  19. No :( But I like this, so thank you anyways!
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  20. Just remembered it thank god! It was The Vaccines after all.
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