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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I don't know the song but I can confirm the person in that conversation is not me!
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  2. So I am in search of a song but I can only say some things about the video. It was dance music with a pop twist somehow, I think pretty popular late nineties maybe. The video is very disturbing. A bit home recorder vibe. If I remember correctly it was a bit of "what happens if" and I am pretty sure someone or people got shot. A bit of a twisted road movie? Music gave Ibiza feels I think.

    I know this isn't much but maybe enough for someone to have an idea? I go nuts. Thank you.
  3. 2014

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  4. Ah yes I forgot to say it is not Smack My Bitch Up. But thank you. I feel like I am super close to getting there myself but something is blocked.
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  5. Pretty sure that's a Garageband loop haha.

    Here I found it.
  6. Posting this here too - help me! It's the part from 0:00 to 0:22.
  7. Would anyone who's familiar with youtube background music recognize the one from this video starting at around 0:46?

    it's like a chill/lofi/guitar/strummy/jazzy one i've searched all the keywords to nothing....
  8. Don't most Youtubers now use royalty free music provided by Youtube so they don't get their videos taken down?
  9. Yes but apparently this one has uncleared samples and so youtube doesn't list it for some reason (i found the track it's Joakim Karud - Dreams which samples a very gorgeous jazz song yay!)
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  10. Ignore.
  11. Looking for a song, I want to say it's 5 years old or so, but perhaps more - I believe it was featured on HBO's Girls - it was like an alty-, poppy, thing, like "edgy" but not too tryhard. Like HAIM meets The Pierces meets Sky Ferreira-y meets any number of nameless faceless C, D, E list former soundcloud stars people on here rage over.

    Female vocals, a (all-female?) band, I think, video was inner-city, don't know if people driving around or what.

    Song was something about a boyfriend? like punky and dismissive and cool and edgy.
  12. This?

    If not, have a look in their complete soundtrack playlist:
  13. OK, very similar vibe to this. Edgy and cool but less colour in the video.

    Doesn't seem to be anything on that list.

    Lead singer may or may not have looked like Marnie and thus got me confused, I guess.
  14. I'm looking for a dance song circa 1995 (give or take a year). Definitely mid-tempo; a similar vibe to Where Do You Go or Missing You. Male vocalist. I seem to remember the chorus being mostly vocalizing (although that might be down to me not speaking English back then...could also be something with the word 'away'? or something that sounds like feedowayoh or something). Would've been played regularly on Canadian radio so nothing too niche either.
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  15. For these two do you mean the song by No Mercy, and Everything But The Girl's Missing? And could you mean Living On My Own by Freddie Mercury? That kind of has the 'feedowayoh' bit that you mention, is a male vocal, a big hit in 1993 after a remix and is a mid tempo.

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  16. That's the one! Thanks!! I didn't expect my description to make sense to anyone so kudos to you. And yes, I did mean No Mercy/Everything But the Girl.
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  17. I hadn't heard it in years but was reminded of it on a recent Channel 5 show in the UK counting down the top 30 biggest hits of 1993!
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  18. Hi, I'm looking for a song that was the inspiration for Scissor Sisters' Harder You Get.
    I used to have it in my library but can't remember what it was called now or who it was by. It's a very similar menacing vibe like Harder but it's an old disco track.
    I remember an article or interview with Jake Shears I think where it was mentioned, I think it said it was playing whilst he was in Berghain but I can't find said article/interview now.
  19. Hot Stuff by Donna Summer?

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  20. Tune but no I've literally just found it and came on to post!

    It's this

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