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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. This thread reminds me of the time my friend gave me one of these. She was like "it's this amazing new song and it sounds like Natasha Bedingfield. It is super catchy and upbeat. I hear it all the time you must know it!" and I genuinely could not figure it out for 45 minutes. It was Rather Be by Sucess Glynne!
  2. love this song! Again more new treasures in this thread.
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  3. Only one song should be tracked down at once. Reading this was a test.
  4. When I hear a song I like I usually take a note of a line from the lyrics on my phone so I can look it up later. It sucks when that's not enough to track it but it does work most of the time.
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  5. Amazing thread. Can someone help me with this one? I remember only the music video, it has a black woman and a truck dancing in the empty storage unit or something like that. The video ends with her lying on the floor and the truck going over her slowly with camera filming her from above. Thanks.
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  6. I cannot bear when friends who know I have relatively broad pop/music knowledge in general, come to me and are like "Heard a song! I THINK it was a woman...upbeat....dancey...do you know it?"

    Take a note of bloody lyrics!
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  7. Tinashe and All Hands On Deck?

    Ciara feat Missy and Work?
  8. No and no, these two I know. The girl is not that well known and there were no other people in the video. I remember that Peter wrote about it on the website. Oh, I should try searching there.
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  9. And I found it! Thank you for helping.
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  10. That video makes me feel so uncomfortable.
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  11. I LOVE Tanika!!! That is such an underrated bop.
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  12. Oh my god I giggled at this 'cause I thought it accidentally read as "a truck dancing" but
    IT REALLY DOES. Amazing.
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  13. Someone knows what's the song at almost the end of the video? (20:28)
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  14. Only lyrics I can pick out are a spoken "come on girl" at the start.
  15. It sounds like something knocked up for the show? Like a fake song.
  16. Can anyone help me figure out this song? I think it's from like 2006, I'm almost positive it's sung by a blonde, American woman. It might've been like a little tongue in cheek. The video for sure had a scene inside a roller rink. I saw it once on Youtube a long time ago but I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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  18. This it it, thank you SO much. I tend to forget Ms. Simpson exists so no wonder I forgot this was one of her videos.
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  19. Funnily enough, I heard "I Think I'm in Love with You" today. The bop she did not deserve.
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  20. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    There's this song I've been looking for for years, it's sung by a female duo although one of them doesn't seem to do much and just sits there slightly bobbing her head. The video is a low budget affair, reminiscent of webcam footage. There's this great breakdown in the middle where a Balrog bursts through the door and asks the girls which one of them forgot to flush the toilet. Lyrics are along the lines of forgetting about getting into trouble or something? I think one of the girls is called Raebekki Jeanate or something like that.

    I bet jinzo would know.
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