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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I found it. How did I forget that it was Laurel's "Scream Drive Faster"?

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  2. I'm looking for a song released in late 80's early 90's by a black singer, probably a one-hit wonder. The cover art of the single featured a shot of her with short hair. The cover also had a brown filter. It wasn't Tracy Chapman.
  3. This is an odd request but I figured this thread was the best place to ask: can anyone ID either of these two album covers?

  4. The first one is Sailin by Kim Carnes
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    The 2nd is Linda Ronstadt's self titled!
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  6. What kind of 'cheating at an online music quiz' is going on here?
  7. Thanks so much!

    Fff I didn’t really know how to explain - I just saw a photo of some place with records on the walls on Twitter and was randomly drawn to those & wanted to listen but had no way of knowing how!
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    @Solenciennes bring your PJ Quiz back!!!
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  9. All that’s coming to mind for me is this (which is 1994/5)
  10. Okay... So I was having lunch Friday and heard a song but my Shazam did not work... The app had deleted on my iPhone eek. And I have no more idea how the song went ":("

    So when it was downloaded the song was already over.

    I just know that 23 by Sam Hunt and Everything by Son Mieux were played in the same time I was there.
    But I can't find a playlist with both songs on them?

    I listened to Stay Tuned! playlist already but did not hear the song in that.

  11. Was at the club the other night and a song/music video played that grabbed my attention, but sadly couldn't identify any lyrics to look up later.

    The artist was an Asian-American or Asian-British female soloist, not Hayley Kiyoko, not Rina, not beabadoobee. Music video involved her riding on a horse down by an industrial waterfront(?) at night. Seemed like a recent release but hard to pin down specifically. It feels like kind of a long shot but does this ring bells for anyone?
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  13. Yes! Amazing, thank you so much.
  14. I remember reading very recently about a new song (or snippet?) that sounded like a darker LMK or something along those lines. I tried tracing back what it was but couldn't, maybe I dreamt it?
  16. THANK YOU, it was driving me mental
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  17. I'm looking for a song with a female vocal that may or may not be Dua, although I'm currently leaning towards it not being Dua, but the vocal sounds like Dua. It's mid-tempo. And its chorus goes roughly like "I count to three. Open my eyes. Touch you there. See you rise. Baby your love makes me scream," although I may have misheard some of the lyrics. I'm also assuming that it's a recent release. Help.
  18. K94



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    Don’t recognise the lyrics but Madison Beer sounds Dua-lite to me so try some of her stuff?? x
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  20. Heard this vibey electropop bop yesterday that sounded kinda reminiscent of something Katy B would do. I couldn't hear the lyrics clearly, but I think the chorus went something like "love me on the right side". I'm pretty sure those weren't the actual lyrics, but it was something along those lines. I know this is pretty vague, but does anyone have a clue what it might be?
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