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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Island

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    There’s a song I’ve had in my head for literal years. It’s from the early 2000s and had a bit of a midtempo almost ballad like R&B/Pop vibe. I think it’s a female vocal.

    The lyrics go something like this:

    maybe it’s ____
    maybe it’s make believe
    maybe it’s hard to say (?)
    these words, you were meant for me(?)

    Something like that. Maybe could also be “baby”. I only clearly remember the make believe lyric.
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  2. I'm pretty sure I know this song, I can definitely hear the chorus, but I can't remember what it is either. Hopefully someone will be able to figure it out, now I want to know too.
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  3. Does this song exist or have I made it up.

    90s. Novelty.

    Female/s: "we're goin OUT!"
    Male: "on Brighton Beach/Manchester/some other places"
    Female: "half past nine and we're havin a good time"

  4. Younger Younger 28s - We’re Going Out

    “Lipstick, cigarettes, packet o’ free.” Chooon!

  5. The instrumental of this really reminds me of another song (not K-Pop). It's a song I like so it's by a woman, presumably in the last ~8 years.
  7. Looking for a song that I'm pretty sure was entered in PJSC before. From 2017 or 2018.
    Female vocals, but the woman is the featured artist, so probably the main artist is a producer/dj/something like that.
    The lyrics in the chorus contain "she's a bad girl ayayayaya". Pretty dance-y, bouncy beat.
    If I remember the video correctly, the woman has dark blond hair and hair buns.
  8. I'm still at a loss on this and I know the song must be semi-popular with people on here.
  9. Probably not but it reminds me a bit of Tennis Court by Lorde.
  10. The first thing I thought of was this but honestly I'm probably wrong:

  11. Neither of these (though both bops).

    It's a much closer match, and I would assume from the ~2015/16 pop era or thereabouts.
  12. Probably wrong but it reminded me of this
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  13. Okay this is a reach, but I remember a song from the early 2000's sang by a female and I think she was a one hit wonder (similar to the Ashanti type sound that was everywhere back then). I think it was around 2003.

    All I can remember about it is some of the lyrics of the chorus are something like "Ring *missing lyrics* on the phone, ring, don't wanna be home alone".

    I'd have a guess and say it's called Ring but I can't find anything about it, may have been a UK artist or American I'm not sure.
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  15. That's it!! Thanks.

    Listening to it in 2022 it's actually not very good ddd but it was doing my head in not being able to find it!
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  16. So I have a song stuck in my head, expect all I have is a single lyric and it might not even be entirely correct. The lyric is "open your eyes and see it through." Please help.
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  17. If it's a boyband, might be this
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  18. Okay so there's no "through" but maybe?

    P.S. I love LMNT!
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  19. Unfortunately, it's neither of these. Thanks for trying though.

    I realized that it was Friendly Fires' "Skeleton Boy" and I did mistake the lyric—it's "let's face this night and see it through," not "open your eyes and see it through."

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