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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I heard a song on TV but didn't have my phone with me to Shazam and I've googled the lyrics I can remember but nothing is coming up so I wondered if someone here could help. This is what I know:

    "i just walked up on my boyfriend kissing on my next door neighbour"

    It was featured in the "making of" episode of Insecure if that's helpful?

  2. Either listen to the official Spotify playlist where every song is featured chronologically

    or look for it using tune finer sites like this, if you know the Season or even better the episode:
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  3. Looking for a song, female rapper, the chorus (or at least what I think is the chorus) goes like "manifest that, manifest that shit". There's also a part of the song that is not rapped, it's more soul/gospel vocals, but don't remember the lyrics for this part.

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  5. Thanks! Wait, how come this was released only 2 days ago? Pretty sure I heard it before, in the Nextflix series inventing Anna
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  6. I heard a song in the Spanish club and it sounded a lot like Whine Up from Kat Deluna. Couldn’t find it on who sampled, so maybe its not? It’s Spanish and upbeat of course. Any tips?
  7. I imagine that Dope Saint Jude allowed Shonda Rhimes to debut the song during Inventing Anna, knowing that it'd be a large platform to debut the track.
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  8. Not so much a what's that song but what song has the same melody / structure as the start of this song.

  9. The melody of the guitar can remind of Tracy Chapman maybe (or its remix)?

  10. Not a specific song but can someone tell me the name of the instrument used at the start of Outside by Mariah Carey? Wikipedia suggests 'EWI' but I'm not finding a lot of results searching that so if there's another name for it?

    I'm looking for female R&B/pop songs from the 90s/00s that use that instrument. The only example I have so far is Sitting By Heaven's Door by En Vogue (00:14 on).
  11. Please someone help me identify this song. It sounds so familiar but I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy dd.
  12. This isn't helpful in the slightest but I also know it but can't think of what it is.
  13. Very unfortunately, I think it's "Go Crazy" by Chr*s Br*wn and Young Thug.
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  14. Yeah someone answered me in the R&B thread dd. Now the mystery that's gonna bother me is where the hell would I have even heard this song?? Google says it only came out 2 years ago. Perhaps it was in an Uber.
  15. It's nuts because I don't go out of my way to listen to him ever, but, for some reason, I recognized the melody as one of his songs. It was inescapable on my campus and on local R&B stations.
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  16. Dd yeah that makes sense, I wish I had a simple explanation like that but no. I have him blocked on Spotify, haven't been to a party since the pandemic and I don't listen to the radio, unless i'm being forced to in an Uber so that's the only thing I can think of.
  17. Is that really it? I don't think I'd ever listened to Go Crazy before, but I'm listening to it right now and it doesn't really sound like it's the same song being played in that video.
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  18. Yeah I think it's right. I just listened to the song as well and the chorus matches another clip of that person's ig story. I guess the sax player is just adding his own little twist which makes it sound better.

    Anyway i'm happy the mystery has been solved even if it's not the answer I wanted dd.
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  19. Guys, this is driving me insane:

    I'm looking for a song I barely remember,
    - relatively mid-to-fast-paced,
    - piano-based and almost completely acoustic (voice and piano).
    - lyrics definitely include the word 'reverie' and *potentially* something like 'you lost me in your reverie'
    - quite sad, but not mournful
    - sung by a female, Canadian or American, one of the scores of late 90s/early 00s alternative pop singer-songwriters in the post Lilith Fair world. In the same vein as Keri Noble, Sonya Kitchell, Beth Waters, Charlotte Martin, Rachael Sage, Leah Andreone, etc.
    - quite a piercing, not *entirely* pleasant voice
    - probably released between 1999 and 2006.

    I remember discovering it back when Amazon lists were still a thing, and it's driving me insane, but the only thing I can remember is that it was on quite an indie-looking and sounding album and that it was lovely.

  20. This made me think of Chantal Kreviazuk. I can't think of a song of hers with those lyrics, but she plays piano and her voice could definitely be described as piercing and perhaps unpleasant to some. This was her album in 2000, and the singles were Before You and Far Away.

    (also such a good album!)

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