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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Could it be Jane Siberry - At The Beginning Of Time? Doesn't really match the description well, but does have 'reverie'...
  2. It is *such* a good album, I love Chantal. Wayne (from her debut) is probably one of my favourite songs of all time. Unfortunately, the song I'm looking for is not by her - I don't think the person who sang it ever got nearly as successful, she was one of the lesser Liliths.
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  3. It is not, sadly, but I really enjoy the Jane Siberry track - thank you for the tip!

    The song in question is less atmospheric, had a more acoustic-y, me and a piano kind-of-vibe, and it's also faster than At the Beginning of Time. Thank you for trying though!
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  4. This isn't so much of a what's that song. But who is the singer.

    There used to be a topic on here about a singer I think with a name like Miguel who I think was french. Who everyone was briefly obsessed with and his albums used to be really expensive on eBay.

    But I cannot for the life of me think who I am thinking about.
  5. Could this be Milow? Had a few European hits late 2000’s including a cover of Ayo Technology which i recall getting some UK buzz. He was Belgium though so I may be wrong!
  6. No that's not it sadly.

    I'm sure it will come to me eventually.
  7. M Pokora?
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  8. It was not. But really randomly the thread reappeared on page 1 today and it was apparently Christophe Willem I was thinking of.
  9. Hello, I am looking for this song for ages but no luck so far. Can anybody please help? The chorus goes like this

    “In the middle of the night
    I got my …
    I got my …
    In the middle of the night”

    It’s a dance song from 2010s I believe. It’s sung by a guy.
  10. Hello guys,

    I am also looking for Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On original version (Not remixed), I am pretty sure it was on youtube before but now it has vanished.
  11. Is this not the original? Maybe it's blocked in your country?

  12. Thank you. I can only see the first video, which the remixed version of the song.

    From wikipedia
    "Turn Me On" is the debut single by Vincentiansinger Kevin Lyttle. It was the lead single from his self-titled debut album. The song was originally a soca ballad released in 2003, remade into a dance hit for the US release. Featuring Spragga Benz in the radio remix, "Turn Me On" became a worldwide hit, reaching number one in Denmark and peaking within the top 10 in 16 other countries.
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  13. Oh interesting. I've never heard the ballad version. The second link is this same version as the youtube one.
  14. I remember hearing it some time ago on youtube or another platform and it was quite different. Would like to hear it again!
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  15. It's not a 2010s dance song but the first thing that came to mind from the lyrics was Billy Joel's River of Dreams.
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  16. ....did the scandipop blonde female on page 1 mystery ever get solved?
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  17. Yes, page 4. A fun read, a fun ride.
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  18. I heard a song a while ago that I was 100% sure was Camila Cabello but I’ve gone through all her songs and I can’t find it.

    It was mid tempo and I’m sure the chorus heavily sampled a 90s song. I think it repurposed the entire chorus melody. And it was sort of moody, sensual Latin R&b type thing.

    The receptionist was singing along so I assumed it was popular, doubt that helps.

    Any ideas?
  19. My mom is trying to find a song. She said she saw a live performance in which the singer released a bunch of girls into the audience. She said the singer has dark hair and is gay (not sure how she knows this). She also said he sings in a falsetto.
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  20. Maybe she saw this performance?
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