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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Is this... satire?
  2. (most likely, yes)


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  4. The song I'm looking for sounds like a RedOne Enrique song. The only part of it I can recall is FUEGO! It's in English.
  5. "I Like It"?
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  6. Heard a song whilst out the other night - very similar Swedish House Mafia's Antidote but it wasn't that. It was a really big hit about the same time and had no vocals. Any ideas?
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  8. This thread gives me major anxiety. The only song I've ever needed help to find was from a Kirsten Dunst film Fifteen and Pregnant, It plays as her character is having a sex scene. I googled it ages ago and up popped forums and sites dedicated to find this song! If I heard it today I'd probably think it was shit but it's the mystery and not knowing that gets me.
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    As soon as I got broadband access I remember searching for all those songs from movies, TV and video games that I'd always loved, like "Run With Us" by Lisa Lougheed and soundtracks from dance games. It was like this whole alternate world of music was opened up to me.

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  10. Thanks but not that one! Again very similiar to that . It may well be one of the Swedish DJs and it was really big, a top 10 hit. I don't think I liked it much at the time so never added to my library but hearing it on a night out it made sense. I might just have to look through some compilations..
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  11. Oh, man. Okay. I'm going to throw this one out there because I still can't find it (yes, this is serious).

    It was, if I recall correctly, a Popjustice Song of the Day back in like... 2011-2013? At the very least, it was mentioned on the front page somewhere. I remember these things:

    - Soundcloud link
    - White cover art
    - A female singer (white with a soulful voice, kind of Jessie Ware-ish)
    - A slightly long song title involving the word 'Love' or 'Heart'
    - It was a sad pop ballad, not a lot of instrumentation
    - It was a band name, not a female singer's name
    - The song may have been a demo
    - The song was definitely around 4 minutes long

    I never heard about them again, but remember being moved by the song & want to hear it again.
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  12. This?
  13. Anyone else irritated by this topic being pinned to the top?

    Cos I am.
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  14. Yes. It takes the shine off actual new news. Can we move to Lists?
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  15. I think it is more suited here as otherwise people open up new threads in this thread. Locating it to lists doesnot fot either thematically.
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  16. Regardless of which section of the site it's in, there's absolutely no need for it to be pinned at the top. It's ridiculous.
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  17. Yeah and it makes the forum look like like atrl. I mean Charli leaks should be the top thread. Not a 'didn't have shazam plz help' one.
  18. What does it matter what's at the top? Practically all forums have a couple of sticky topics anyway.
  19. Yeah, for important topics. This is hardly an important or informative thread. Why this one? It's utterly nonsensical.

  20. ?
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