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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. The description somehow put this is instantly in my mind:

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  2. SUPER BOP but not the one I was thinking of. I think it's less of a well known song?

    Random information my brain remembers that isn't a song title: the song is credited to a DJ/group, but the vocalist provided vocals to a few of their singles and I think did her own thing as well but never really took off.

    Edit: Found it! Trawling through the eurodance artists mega wiki page

    BOP with me!!!
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  3. Not the one but thank you for bringing this back into my life
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  5. Can you guys help me identify a song cue that was used during last night's Emmys?

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  6. Can somebody find me this song : I think she is a German singer, the song is kinda anthemic, sounds like Lana mix with Ellie Goulding, probably has word Star in the title ?
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  8. The singer is correct but what I search is Stardust ddd, thank you
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  9. One of the best eurovision songs ever.
  10. I had this bop on my Windows Media Player library back in the day haha. Wasn't she from South Africa?
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  11. This thread should be renamed Unidentified Bops. I'm loving most things posted in here so far.
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  12. Her pronunciation of the word love still rubs me the wrongest way. Just can't.

  13. This is a lot better.
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  14. I have absolutely no clue how to describe this, but I heard a song today that seemed to be sung entirely in a high pitched whisper vocal. It was somewhere between mid and uptempo. I tried Shazam but it couldn't pick it up. I listened to a few Mariah Carey snippets from her #1's album but I didn't notice the song from that. It sounded pretty R&B (ie- not some Stargate EDM nonsense).

    And another song that will always bother me is an 80's or 90's reggaeish song between a woman (Jody Watley?) and a male rapper that I once heard over 2 years ago at a mini golf place. I feel like it might be from one of her earlier stuff or even Shalamar but I haven't gone into their discography yet to find out.
  15. Not this?
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  16. What was that song that came out in the late 90s, possibly early 2000s, which I think was sang completely in French and was a really big European hit from what I recall? I think the singer was called Amelie or something similar, mousyish hair, young, I see cornfields in the video and she's outdoors... it's such an obvious one but I can't for the life of me think of the song goes anymore and I want to listen to it!

    Maybe she had a French name and the song was in English? I can't even remember. My sister who was a bit older than me used to play it on repeat and the video was always on The Box.

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    Try listening to some FKA Twigs, or maybe it's an old Aaliyah song?
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  19. This is a bigger bop than I remembered! Thanks!
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