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What's your favourite thing to have with potatoes?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by potatosalad, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Fucking hell Daneee, can I come round yours for tea one day?! You've made me really hungry.
  2. My friend's mum makes the best mashed potatoes in the world. Oh my god, If I could, I'd fill a bath with them and swim in it.
  3. I think I'm going to get a reputation on this forum as the local Nigella. Seriously though, I love cooking, and i love cooking for people! So yes! Lets have a PJ dinner party, haha.
  4. Oh my God. Come Dine With Me - Popjustice edition. We should so do it!
  5. SOOOO many people on here are Come Dine With Me fans!
  6. "Well his food was alright, but he played the radio edit of Untouchable. 4/10"
  7. Mashed potato gets a bit sickly after a while.

    There is a restaurant near where I live that does the best mash ever though.
  8. How can anyone not be a fan of it? It is just genius!
  9. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    I will do it as long as we can get Dave Lamb to do the bitchy voice overs.
  10. I think Peter should do the voiceover. He'd be amazing at it. "Here comes Dazzle with his pot noodles!"
  11. "Oh dear, Daneeeboy's just slipped the contents of his pot noodle into his manbag"
  12. "CrossieKidd is asking for a pair of scissors to open his soy sauce sachet. I don't think that's such a good idea"
  13. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    That sounded so fucking dirty.
  14. Mashed, with savoy cabbage, and crispy bacon. Oh god, it's so good. Some gravy too, yes yes yes. It's not helping that I'm REALLY hungry at the moment.

    Roasties. Simple, with some good chicken or sausages, other miscelleaneous veg, yorkshire puddings, and gravy again. Oh god, I love potatoes SO much.

    I remember having red skinned potatoes at a place in Florida - Kenny Rogers Roasters, I think. They had a nice dressing, garlicky I think. God, I think I ate a good three plates of those bad boys, they were addictive.
  15. Right, Roast potatoes are delicious, and lovely and go well with any Sunday Roast dinner.
    Mashed potatoes are amazing, and quite possibly the first food i fell in love with. Bangers and mash with thick gravy are my main source of pleasure.
    Maris piper potatoes in chips are extremely delicious too, and good for you.
    However, i avoid boiled potatoes at all costs. I hate the skin.
  17. Oh god, sour cream and chive aaaaaaaaaaaall the way. I could happily demolish a whole tube of Pringles in that flavour, no worries.If I let myself, I hasten to add.
  18. Re: What is your favourite Walkers' crisps flavour?

    For a short while there existed a lime, black pepper and salt flavoured crisp. It was divine. Glorious. Better than Memory Of You. Was probably solely to blame for me gaining quite a few pounds. Fortunately for my weight it never caught on and was canceled.
  19. Walkers crisps, it's gotta be Salt & Vinegar flavour. I can eat those by the bucketload.

    In fact once, I demolished a 15 pack of walkers by myself in under an hour. That was a great day.

    Other crisps: Monster Munch Beef Flavour, Frazzles, Wheat Crunchies Worcester Sauce flavour, Paprika Pringles and Walkers Sensations Chilli flavour are all awesomeness.
  20. I love roast potatoes best. Fave crisps are Walkers Pickled Onion and Tangy Cheese Doritos.
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