Wheel! Of! Fortune!

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I've gotten into Wheel again. I think there's an argument to be made that it and Jeopardy! are the last hangers-on left connecting us to the mass media monoculture of the past and I find that weirdly soothing.

ANYWAY. I'm making this thread because today's game was wild. Best game I've seen in recent memory. This Mikey(?) dude (red) was just whooping ass. The two others literally hit BANKRUPT back-to-back-to-back and made some hilarious guesses in the rare instances they hit a money wedge. Blue guessing "K" as her, like, second letter. Amazing.

And when Yellow didn't opt for the Express (get $1,000 for every correct letter) when she was dead last at the very beginning of a new puzzle? Even Pat pausing for a minute before patronizingly reassuring her that it's her choice.

But the absolute worst was this dude hit the MILLION wedge and you could tell this dude is one of the rare ones who understands the strategy. But the only thing keeping him from getting that MILLION was he would lose it all if he hit BANKRUPT. And he just. Kept. Spinning. And he lost it right before solving the final puzzle. The theatrics of that!


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The fact that this thread even exists is incredible. Wheel is the only game show I’ve ever been able to stomach and I love how much comfort it still brings me after all these years. Pat & Vanna truly feel like the most dysfunctional part of my family.
he/him/basic cishomo
Today's episode had a real stinker. "SERENITY AND CHARM"

I can’t watch WoF because it was the show my whole family watched together growing up and it makes me miss my parents too much. My mother and I were the best solvers and would always talk about going on the “family edition.” My father would wait until one of us started solving and then would glom onto it like he knew the answer too and we were saying it at the same time lol.
he/him/basic cishomo
Is it just me, or do the contestants who win a car in the bonus round always look like they are faking their happiness when they win an automobile? I always see "I wanted Ca$h" on their faces.
AHAHAHA yes I thought the same exact thing! He definitely wanted the moolah. Bonus points for when his wife tried to get in the car with him and Vanna had to lovingly force her out of the way so she could close the door and let him wave out the window. Alone.