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When Did The X Factor Jump The Shark?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Baby Clyde, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Ok enough of the ridiculous 'Cheryl is racist' tangent this thread has gone off on.

    We've talked a lot on here about the judges lack of musical knowledge which is of course inarguable but what do people think are the most egregious examples of their stupidity.

    Simon's insistance that 'One Sweet Day' hadn't been number 1 anywhere when in fact it topped the chart in America for 16 weeks the longest stay in history takes some beating, but Louis claiming that Wagner was singing 'I'm a freak, I'm a winner' comes mighty close.

  2. Let's not forget "If Thom Yorke was watching this he would have loved it" when anyone with half a brain - in other words, anyone but Louis Walsh - knows that Thom Yorke hates the show and has long since disowned the song.

    Actually, pretty much anything Louis has said since the show started would qualify for this.
  3. Oh well I don't really pay any attention to football so don't know about that. But really hmm didn't know that about Cheryl. But her malaria is a load of lies of course but not sure about the racist thing yet... I mean she is friends with will.i.am. The only evidence of her being racist is punching that woman and that's not really enough.
  4. I think a court already established that some seven years ago. Can we all move the fuck on, please?
  5. I'm not suggesting she is racist -I'm not in her head and I don't know how she feels. I'm suggesting that this 'but she's friends with so and so' or 'she's married to so and so' she's a fan of so and so is not EVIDENCE of her non-racism. What would you expect her to do if she was racist? Go to neo-nazi conventions? Hardly the stuff nation's sweethearts are made of is it?
  6. The malaria was a load of lies?

    Okay then.
  7. I just find it interesting to talk about coz I didn't pay any attention to it all those years ago!
  8. But it has nothing to do with what this thread is about, so it's probably best all round if you talk about it somewhere else.

    To get back to Baby Clyde's point, I think a good example of the judges' rank stupidity would be when Simon criticised Cher over the staircase, followed by a dismissive 'who cares about the platform?' when a similar criticism was levelled at One Direction. The idea being, of course, that we were all supposed to be so utterly in awe of the performance we'd just witnessed that they could have been singing in a vat full of custard and no-one would have been any the wiser.

    What an absolute load of shit.
  9. How about Simon thinking 'You Are So Beautiful' qualifies as a rock song, simply because it was originally sung by a rock singer. A man of his age and who's in the music industry should really be able to see that it was in no way rock.

    That was embarrassing.
  10. That was gonna be my next one. People can sing in all kinds of genres. Just because they are known for one thing it doesn't mean that all of their material is the same and Joe Cocker isn't really known as a 'rock' singer anyway.
  11. How about rock musician? But then, he could also be seen as a blues musician.
  12. Why didn't Cheryl have malaria ? I keep hearing that this week, as if it's common knowledge but what's the story ??
  13. My perception of the Cheryl/Malaria story was that Cheryl had malaria, but she and her team made it out to be a lot worse than it was.
  14. I cringed when Cheryl said she was unfamiliar with Crocodile Rock to Paije, but then said he'd made it his own. Simon has said a few times that a song isn't well known and the contestant would have a number 1 hit with it if they released it. The worst example was when Joe did Don't Stop Believing last year. The One Sweet Day comment was ridiculous as well, especially since he claims to be such a Mariah fan.
  15. To me, Joe Cocker is first and foremost a 'soul' singer. This is probably due to the fact that his only song I own is 'Woman To Woman' (the sample for 'California Love' by 2Pac). Though I think that all three of these posts illustrate that Cowell is at best a dangerous idiot when it comes to knowledge of musical history.

    In response to Baby Clyde's original post, which I reckon is an important point, yes, it was no doubt last series. Series 5 was the pinnacle (to reiterate previous posters' points, it had the perfect cast, the villains were still very gifted singers and even the 'joke' act, Eoghan, was never in danger of winning as the producers used him to rally votes for his competitors in the final - manipulation that gave us an even and competitive last 2). The winner's song, presumably chosen in anticipation of Diana Vickers foregone status as finalist, worked to the show's advantage as they ended up with a version of Hallelujah quite unlike those of Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright (probably the best known to the viewers at home), a young black female singing a beautiful yet sinister song written by an older man and (like it or loathe it) the most interesting winner's song ever produced. Seems the public agreed.

    Series 6 was a shambles - I agree that it was the year that everything began to reek of cynicism and that, for me, it felt like solely a TV Show. Cowell changed almost every opinion he had ever professed to hold (remember the glory days, when his opinion mattered to the contestants?) and ended up looking like a dick. There were so many moments of frustration at what had happened to the show. Actually, was the point (unbeknownst to we viewers) that it jumped the shark when young Rachel Adedeji, who Dannii had tried to mould as a hard-faced Grace Jones wannabe to my delight and the general public's disinterest, decided/was encouraged to do a piss-poor Stacey Solomon impression and topped the public vote (as we later found out)? Was this the point when prodcuers realised that they didn't even need to pretend that the characters needed any continuity?

    It makes me a little sad that I used to genuinely root for contestants in the circus and was partially taken in by what I saw as Cowell's marketing nous (I think that excluding the co-signed Leona, Susan Boyle and Alexandra, who have major label ideas and involvement, the performance of just about any SyCo act is abysmal), I now realize that he has fuck all legacy as even a marketing man. He is a TV man and he is very rich, but he is not and will never be Clive Davis. His opinions on anything related to the music industry are worthless (and I never thought I'd say that).
  16. That's what I thought he could just as easily be called a blues or soul singer as he could rock and either way it's got nothing to do with the song.
  17. Are you joking???
  18. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Simon's stupidity with the connection between ROCK SINGER = ROCK SONG was really cavemannish.
  19. My mum's a doctor and when she heard the type of malaria Cheryl was reported to have her words were "Oh my god, she's lucky to be alive". I don't think you can really lie about the type of malaria you contract, especially when there are hospital records to chart it as such forever.

    People are always just a little quick to draw up a conspiracy theory. I remember someone on these forums saying that Kylie's cancer was a publicity stunt.
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