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When Did The X Factor Jump The Shark?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Baby Clyde, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. I don't personally care about the sing off conflama at the semi final stage and don't think anyone was particularly mislead over the voting but after all the rest of the cock ups this year it's just another nail in the coffin of the show's credibility.

    Surely someone in the production team could have seen this coming and either made sure that the right information was given out but perhaps we should all accept these days (After all Simon tells us on a weekly basis) that all publicity is good publicity.

    I just don't understand why they would prefer everybody talking about idiotic, contrived dramas rather than great singers or fabulous performances.
  2. When Did The X Factor Jump The Shark?

    When Simon Cowell stopped being Simon Cowell eg. slagging people's performances/voices off when they deserved it,and started saying everyone was either 'actually that was...excellent!' even if it was average,or just criticising the song choice/staging. Remember when he'd actually criticise vocal performance and vote for people to go on the basis that 'you've been in the bottom 2 for the last 3 weeks so obviously the public are'nt connecting with you'?

    This has been the year that any last shred of pretence of impartiality has gone.Cheryl's chosen ones have been protected at all costs,to a ridiculously obvious degree.
  3. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Good Lord.
  4. My boss is Kenyan, and she's had it a few times, I'm just drawing on what I've discussed with other people. I'm not a Princess Diana/Michael Jackson on an island sort of person.
  5. Yes, but my point is that Cheryl didn't have the malaria type you can "have a few times". My mum's had malaria before but at no point was her life threatened because she didn't have the super serious strain.
  6. I'm not sure what your mum is talking about because even the most severe malaria infection is treatable with the correct drugs, it just means you have to be hospitilised during the treatment. The problem is that some strains of malaria are resistant to the traditional drugs and you have to use alternatives that can have serious side-effects.

    Very few Westerners with access to good medical care die from malaria and it's usually because they have pre-existing medical conditions or it isn't caught quickly enough. The super serious strain that Cheryl had, falciparum is only lethal because it is extremely virulent so you need to receive treatment quickly but most of the people who die from it are in countries with little or no medical care. I don't doubt Cheryl was seriously ill but they certainly milked it for all it was worth.
  7. Why are you even trying to make out that she wasn't close to death. I highly doubt she'd sit there on Piers Morgan and flat out lie that she was close to writing her will. Seriously, because she was unwell, the media latched onto it therefore making her stories not as bad as she made out?

    Sorry but you contract that strain of malaria, then come back and say 'hmmm it wasn't that bad'.
  8. Joe McElderry and Cher Lloyd are Cheryl Cole's Horcruxes.
  9. Are we going to have to stab them with a Basilisk's fang in order to get rid of her?
  10. One of Sharon Osbourne's false nails should do the trick.
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    But the evil danger is that Ashley is also a horcrux of Cheryl Cole, who was turned into a horcrux accidentally when 2 became 1.
  12. Oh crap. Also, someone better tell LisaJ that Kimberley's Diaries may have to be destroyed for the greater good of mankind.

  13. Buster is so her Nagini.
  14. There have been a number of incidents along the years, but I'd say the general trend to make it more and more about the judges and with no real regard, or respect for the contestants as people is at the heart of it. It used to be we were only encouraged to laugh at the failed auditionees, but now the lives of those who get the later stages are deemed fair game. They used to (appear to) protect the contestants from the press while the show was on, but now they seem value them mainly on their ability to generate headlines, good or bad. The X Factor press people have incredible power to leak and supress stories when it suits them, but it seemed to suit them to have stories about Katie's gran being a prostitute.

    If I were to pick a point in time where it went wrong it would be the desire to find a Susan Boyle moment and the introduction of the audience to the auditions and the pushing of certain auditions in the press trying to get mass YouTube ratings. Simon blithering on about how Danyl's audition was the most amazing thing ever was so blatently contrived, and even when people didn't react to him as desired, he kept trying to push him.

    The loss of an acapella audition is the single biggest hurdle to getting decent finalists. The reliance on excess production is not good. I don't blame them for not having super-contemporary productions, because it's a mainstream show for all the family, and they have to stage a lot of different songs each week. The big problem is trying to have too much production, and using that to compete, but it is an inevitable consequence of having judges in competition who want to keep in their own dreadful acts, even if they are the least talented.

    The undeserved standing ovations that year were ridiculous too, but they seemed to have decided to hit it on the head this year. There was still way too much competition between judges that have nothing to do with the contestants. I'm sick of all of their jibes towards each other, especially when they slate something that they have done themselves.
  15. ^^^THIS

    = FACT(S)!!!
  16. I just read this thread for the first time today. I completely agree with all of the above.

    NOW BRING ON 2011 SERIES!!!!!
  17. Me too, now it's at the top of the board!

    I think the X-Factor got shittier because of the auditions. They take far too long, they're boring, and the audience tend to cheer at things they find funny/people they feel sorry for, rather than the best. Also I would bet that the auditionees have a limited choice of songs to perform.

    Logically, anyone who thinks about it knows that 100,000 applicants or whatever will never get to see the judges. Only maybe a few hundred at most get to that stage. So the producers obviously chose a selection of good, goodish, terrible and borderline mentally challenged auditionees. But when the audtions were acapella, it was easier to pretend that it was real. Now it just feels like a freak show and I feel sorry for the contestants with obvious problems, who have probably been told repeatedly by producers that they're special, who get jeered, and criticised for being deluded.
  18. Reiterating what many people have said, the live audience killed it. I hope at some point in the future it changes back to the original way. Why don't they just have a live audience at the London bootcamp?
  19. Simon needs to realise that the 'Subo moment' won't ever happen again.
  20. Baby Clyde was totally right about the offering criticism part on the first page. In the live finals, whenever a judge remotely got close to hitting on a fine point of criticism, they were drowned out by boos and jeers from the audience, who I believe are frequently told before, and during the show to 'keep the energy up, shout as loud as you can' in order to keep it 'interesting'. It's madness, and it really irritates me.

    To be honest, for the last two years, they highlight of the show has been the celebrity performances on the Sunday night results show, for me.
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