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When Did The X Factor Jump The Shark?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Baby Clyde, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. ^Same here when I think about it.
  2. I agree with every single point you make. The live audience has served only to turn it into even more of a 'let's laugh at the fat/ugly/deluded/talentless idiots' exercise than it already is. It also blurs the distinction between X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, a show I don't watch and have zero interest in, which pisses me off.

    The audition shows also go on for far too long and quite obviously don't have anywhere near enough interesting material to justify it. Who could forget the five-week build up to "you could use some work on your vocals" last year?
  3. The audition shows infuriate me no end. I find it really challenging to get into the X Factor every year until we get to bootcamp stage, or sometimes for the first live show.

    I hate the audience being there for auditions however I guess for the US version at least they wanted to give it something to separate it from American Idol.
  4. If I am at a loose end and it's coming up on TV I will watch it, if I want to go out, then I go out and never worry about recording it.

    The early audition rounds always bore me anyway. I don't really need to know about a bunch of people who won't be going forward to the studio.

    If I miss some "big" moment, I youtube it the following week.
  5. If there's nothing on I will put it on, but I don't plan on actually paying interest in it until the judges expensive hotel for free stage.
  6. Hahah I love your avatar Undisco

    Its same for me every year, the auditions stage is only half-interesting to me, if I'm not working or out, I'll watch it, but if I'm elsewhere I'll download it when I get home and watch it in about 15 minutes by skipping through almost all over Dermots sequences and the signing, and watch just the judges critique. I might watch a performance if the singer is hot.

    Once it gets to bootcamp it gets more interesting. And I can judge on whether or not theres a chance anyone I like will be in the final lot.
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  8. X Factor has never been all about the music though, and it shouldn't be. Having 'the x factor' doesn't just mean good music.
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    Well Tulisa said in an interview that the show would be all about the music. I think three talented singers on the panel will give the show some credibility.
  10. The problem with Tulisa is that she thinks she's a really good singer.
  11. Well she's not a bad one.

    It's not just about being able to sing, though. You need the whole package of being a good popstar, which is why people like Cheryl were also able to judge because she has a passable voice, but other popstar qualities. Just finding a good singer who has no charisma, no stage presence, no "X Factor" will be shit... unless they have a voice so good that it doesn't matter (e.g. Leona)
  12. The X Factor is all of the above qualities, however The X Factor is an ITV1 TV show of which none of that matters to me (and to the judges when it suits their purpose).

    I couldn't care less whether any of the music produced by it is credible or not, I'm never likely to actually buy any product at the end of it. I enjoy it for the pantomime, for the self-generating series cliches, for the judges, for the two or three outstanding performances each live week and for rolling my eyes whenever a judge says something completely absurd.

    Sure I hate the fact that the show has reinforced the popular misperception that that only outstanding vocal type is the one from Mariah, Whitney, Leona when there are many types of outstanding voice in the world. And that I have to spend every Monday afternoon listening to my 82 year-old grandmother who takes the show far, far too seriously.
  13. Cheryl had a passable voice. She could dance and was very good looking. Those are her qualities.

    Do you really think she was that fun in X-factor? She made faces when she obviously disagreed with Simon, but she never spoke out. She said the same thing over and over about every contestant and coame across so insincere, it was uncomfortable viewing.

    She is not that charismatic. In Girls Aloud documentaries, she just goes shopping, or dancing, or visiting boring family members. She is boring. I'm surprised she had enough energy in her to even hit a toilet attendant.

    Tulisa is a fiery character.
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  14. Jump the shark ?

    What does this mean ?

    yet another americanism ?
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  15. "Jump the shark" is a phrase used to refer the point when something good, especially a TV show, turns bad and you know it'll never be the same again. Apparrently it comes from an episode of Happy Days where Fonz literally jumped a shark on waterskis, which was considered that kind of moment (How such a shit show could have a jump the shark moment is beyond me.). The phrase was popularised several years ago by a website (no longer extant) dedicated to voting and discussing TV shows' jump the shark moments.
  16. Yes... when a show that was formerly good becomes terrible...

    After the pivotal moment in pop culture when Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzerelli waterskis over a shark:


    I'd argue that XFactor has always been shite. I mean... just look at the winners....
  17. Some things never change...
  18. The problem with Tulisa is that she expected to slot into the area that Cheryl inhabited. Worse, so did her team. When she was voted Sexiest Woman In The World, it became a cruel headline because it was such a cynical attempt at making her 'the next Cheryl'. But it could never work. Because no-one wanted Tulisa's career. They wanted Cheryl's career. And that's a big stumbling block. Cheryl is a personality packed popstar who media trained her fire away, but we still love her regardless. People want to read about Cheryl. Tulisa, unfortunately, only became a big headline presence when she was set up. Cheryl came from a council estate too, her ex-boyfriend a heroin addict. But she was savvy enough to eliminate those people from her life. Tulisa, sadly, was not as smart in that respect.
  19. It's so funny to read this thread again. It all came to pass, didn't it?
    Unbelievable to think that it used to get 14M viewers.
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  20. And that you could ensure a highly-successful ALBUM CAMPAIGN just by making this your only UK appearance for the era (Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga)

    Crazy times
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