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Where did it all go wrong for The X Factor?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. When you think about how it was the biggest show on television just five years ago and was in fact stratospheric in 2010... where exactly did it all go wrong for The X Factor? The ratings are abysmal, the quality of contestants success after the show has gone down the pan and the general buzz around the show is non-existent.

    If you could pinpoint one thing (or a collection of things) what would it be?
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  2. For me, it was probably when you couldn't buy the physical single anymore as it took away the excitement and Queen Cheryl/Tulisa leaving as there wasn't a current, fresh, hot young female on the panel (soz not soz Nicole).
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  3. A perfect storm of Simon leaving for X Factor USA, three years of Gary Barlow, the over saturation of X Factor and tabloid culture, the lack of stars post Little Mix and extreme producer manipulation.

    Beyond that, the 'failure' of the FIRO/Grimshaw series saw the show step back by bringing on Louis and Sharon rather than continue to experiment with new judges. By the time the show embraced contemporary music trends it was too little too late.
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  4. The truth about that series is that the ratings were on the same downward trend as the year before. But the producers expected the contemporary panel to boost things but when it didn’t, they panicked and reverted to nostalgia. They should’ve held on to Rita and Nick for one more series for consistency.
  5. For me a lot of it has to do with the fact that there's only a small handful of artists who were ever really successful from the series. Why should the GP be invested in watching them for weeks on end and spending time and money voting for a winner, when they'll barely release one album and never be heard of again? The 'journey' of contestants became something that pretty much ended as soon as the series did.
  6. But I guess the whole point of there being a ‘winner’ is that theoretically only one act will actually be successful in the aftermath. It is the total lack of success from any artist since James Arthur that is most troubling.
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  7. Looking at it from a different perspective, I think it’s got something to do with the public’s unwillingness to enjoy it (or willingness to dislike it) because it’s become a trend to slate it and criticise it. The (UK) public particularly like fixating on negativity and tearing something down. When people started noticing minor things to pinpoint, (e.g. the Tulisa backlash, Cheryl’s USA “stint”, the lack of good material post-series) then it just escalated and escalated from there, with a constant negativity toward it - even if some of the changes weren’t particularly bad.

    A lot of people then jumped on the Strictly bandwagon because it’s exactly the same format, there’s no expectations for after the show and because it’s the “competition” to jump over onto the other side of.

    Don’t get me wrong, things like the rubbish winner’s releases and Nicole’s try-hard one liners do annoy me, but I still thoroughly enjoy the show every year. They completely messed up the format this year though, it was far too short with too many contestants. However, it doesn’t make me not want to watch next year.

    It’s on a downward spiral due to lack of public support. They need to put it on hiatus and try again in a few years.
  8. My husband's a mature student and his classmates are all 20 or so years old. None of them watch it and when he told them he was going to the final last year he said the response was largely "oh, I remember that show - I used to love it when I was a kid". It's largely about viewing habits changing, I'd say. That and Simon/Louis/Sharon spouting a load of cliches and people singing shit like And I Am Telling You/I Didn't Know My Own Strength over and over.
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  9. There are only a few shows that last for 14 or more years and remain successful. It also doesn’t help that ITV has The Voice then Got Talent then X Factor pretty much back to back.

    They really need to rest the format to give people time to miss the show.

    However ITV would need to find something else to replace it and it’s 3months of lots of hours of television.
  10. For me, the turning point was when Simon returned as a judge. 3 years of Gary Barlow was definitely plenty, but it was time for a reinvention at that point, not a return to Simon/Louis and their tired 'banter'.

    I also feel that they have done themselves a disservice by not nurturing the artists they sign. Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis, Fleur East, Diana Vickers, Ella Henderson and Cher Lloyd should all still be successful, but have been neglected. If there were more longer term careers being launched by the X Factor, then the show itself would be seen as more exciting by connection.
  11. For me it's when they refuse to freshen the judges' panel up with a young 'un every season. They tried with Tulisa and maybe Kelly but both of them were kinda irrelevant in the public. They made the show good though. And then there were the joke acts. I just didn't get it. Like really Honey G? I think people checked out by then.
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  12. This, aside from personal tastes and opinions, is really what disappoints me most about the whole exercise, year-in year-out.
  13. Look, it's a show that has run for over a decade. It's natural for shows and entertainment of any kind to experience diminishing returns. No amount of format changes would have changed that or kept it successful.
  14. The inability to get rid of Louis Walsh was what eventually did it in for me (Little Mix's year was the last time I watched it).

    Trying to bring up fucking Westlife every ten minutes and feedback of the "you came on stage! you sang a song! you're a pop star!" calibre underscored the show's preference on judge rivalry as entertainment over actually creating a star.

    Also as @Rhombus points out, these things have a natural arc - it's like a horror movie sequel, you can only do so many before people can no longer buy into the resurrection of the killer for the gazillionth time.

    Rest it for a decade then go for the remake.
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  15. This years series was the worst for me, it was to short so I had no investment in the contestants. Singing their own songs spoilt my Saturday night sing along as well.
    For me the early series were about finding a member of the general public and turning them into a Popstar over the weeks - do they even get makeovers anymore?

    I think it does need to be rested for a few years - and if and when it comes back simplify the formula.

    1. 3 weeks of room auditions, cut the sob stories, and pre recorded people heading to the auditions. At least 20 auditions in an hour, they sing, the judges say there piece - yes or no. No joke acts, no pre selection or sourcing from YouTube. 2 episodes a week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

    2. Bootcamp - Proper graft - vocal coaching, dance practice - judges in the rooms whilst this going on, discussing and kicking people out when they are not good enough at this stage. Leaving about 50 acts to then perform to the judges, to which they then get rid of 30. No need for 5 chair drama. 2 Weeks Sunday Night.

    3. Judges houses - 20 acts go, 5 in each category - further dance and vocal coaching, actual criticism. performances of 2 songs each, judges and guest judges discuss then eliminate. 2 Weeks Sunday night. 3 acts go through per category.

    4. Tuesday and Thursday of the following week, catch up behind the scenes - makeovers, vocal coaching and rehearsals. 1/2 hour shows

    5. Live shows, Sunday night only. 8 weeks. 1 elimination per week, public vote.
    Winners single, picked and tailored to the artists - original songs.
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  16. Cher Lloyd losing. Only half kidding.
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  17. Add to that some Judges who actually care about what they are involved in and not just there to stroke their own egos.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Start Without You going #1 cursed everything.
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  19. Agreed... I do think the judges need a rethink, possibly more people from behind the scenes in the industry
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  20. Good idea, record producers, A&R people, maybe a label owner, basically people who might know what the hell they're talking about. The main thing is that the people involved really want to find someone unknown but talented and help them develop a career in music...THAT is ultimately far more interesting than watching a panel of fannies bitch at each other whilst trying desperately to keep their own fading careers from going down the plug hole, at least I think so anyway.
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