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Where did Lounge & Downtempo go?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bleu Noir, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. My recent Groove Armada re-obsession brought me back to the era of the great downtempo/lounge bands and albums of the 90s/early 2000s......Air, Morcheeba, Thievery Corporation, Bent, Zero 7, Akasha, Crustation, Smoke City, Royksopp, Massive Attack, Kinobe, Portishead, Alpha, One Dove, Lamb, Rae & Christian, Tricky, Telepopmusik, Tosca, A Reminiscent Drive, Bonobo, Kid Loco, Koop......... (fill me in on anymore you can think of).....these all had brilliant debut albums. I'm not sure there has been much to replace them and many of them changed direction or didn't make it to a second album.......anyway I miss it, must have gone underground.
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  2. Attica Blues, Tim Hutton, Abraham, Hooverphonic, Geike, Andrea Parker, Alfabeth, Swoone, Violet Indiana, Baxter, Bliss, The Dark Flowers, Ingrid Schroeder, Julianna Barwick, Kate Havnevik, Agnes Obel, Olive all come to mind...
  3. Have always kept meaning to get that Attica Blues album. Also the line between leftfield pop and this genre (in my mind anyway) is thin - some is almost dance, some is folky/acoustic. It's s very broad genre and if you include remixes it's even broader.
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  4. Yes, this is one of the major things missing from music today.
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  5. I guess it´s due for a "nostalgic renaissance" soon. Now that the early 90s are beginning to be re-visited by people who where there the first time around (and their children are about to turn 20, they tend to look back at the music they have heard as kids).

    One half of Bent is hyper active as Napoleon (released one EP each month of 2014). It´s all rather fantastic, but the fact that he has to self release it, is rather depressing.

    Also: Faze Action, Ashley Beedle (Black Science Orchestra), Kruder & Dorfmeister, Kevin Yost;
    Dimitri From Paris (!!!), Abacus, Chris Brann, Crazy P(enis)...
    all working on the crossroads of jazz, house, lounge.
  6. Never mind downtempo where did Big Beat go?
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  7. Where did VARIETY go?
  8. They both went to Poundland.
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  9. I always throw in a bit of Enya, David Sylvian, Craig Armstrong, Jerry Burns and Cocteau Twins into my downtempo playlists - if it's all cool beats it's gets a little 'boutique hotel foyer'.
  10. I bet i'm not the only one who would love to see tracklists.
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  11. Had no idea.... what are his best tunes? amazingly there a no youtube vids on his doscogs page. I'd like to hear his stuff, when Bent were good they were unbeatable.
  12. thanks TM!
  13. The last few months I've found myself finally 'getting' Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest might be my favourite. Perfect for soundtracking a 630am winter commute to work.
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  14. Wanted to post this in the "Bands only you remember"-thread, but this seems to have slipped even further into forum oblivion, so I thought I might as well use this thread:
    Positive Flow - The City Streets.
    They released their album "Can You Feel It" in 2004 and then again with a few changes in 2006 under the title Positive Flow feat. Donna Gardier - Positivity.
    It´s rather brilliant with City Streets and Can You Feel It as the stand out tracks. Gary Barnacle did flutes and trumpets.
    There are some better versions of City Streets on the first version of the album.
  15. Brand new ep by Akufen which shows that he still has "it".
    Absolutely beautiful music (could that voice be Seal?)
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  16. Sounds like you might be on the road to the more ambient side of techno/idm. Masses of great stuff that way lies.
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