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Where Were You In '92?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by peteyjames, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Why are artists recently referencing the year 1992?

    It''s in that Armand van Helden video ''I Want Your Soul''

    MIA is all "Where were you in 92" in her song XR2

    and Tiga did a Where Were you in 92 remix of a song last year - can''t remember which song it was though.

    So Anyway - why all the references to 1992?
    Did something important happen or emerge in Pop music that I don''t know about or passed me by?
  2. I was 10 in 1992 and in Primary School. As much as I would like it to be, I somehow dont think that was an influence on all these artist''s! So, in answer to your question, I have no idea!! I remember ''New Jack Swing'' being very big around that time though!
  3. SWV and early Eternal then?
  4. Erm, because the Maastricht Treaty was signed? Take That had their first top ten hit? Madonna released Erotica? I left art college? Haven''t got a clue why it should stand out.
  5. I was 3 and the only music memory I have is seeing Shakespeare''s Sister ''Stay'' on television and thinking it was scary and that she was a witch - still obsessed with the song today of course!
  6. Madonna''s Erotica....The Sex book.....it''s all a bit rude!!!
  7. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    I was 7 and running around singing My Lovin'' (Never Gonna Get It). Good times.
  8. I was 13, and the Bodyguard dominated every single entertainment chart known to man.

    I still didn''t haven''t a CD player and was struggling to fit the Now That What I Call Music double album into a portable cassette carry case.

    And probably watching Gladiators on the telly.
  9. Thanks for the lovely image!!! :-P
  10. What.

    *now it''s time for a breakdown*...
  11. Oh God. I just remembered buying ''Deeply Dippy'' by Right Said Fred on 12". Gay Shame! I also bought ''Ebeneezer Goode'' by The Shamen so I suppose that balances it out!
  12. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    I was five, waiting for the Spice Girls to come along.
  13. Misty

    Misty Guest

    I think it was because I was born and as I am clearly the future of pop music some kind of pop God/Martha Jones gave someone a message to spread around to look out for a baby that was born on the 31st of July 1992 and something about fighting the evil Lord Vol of Dreary Cock Rock that wants to be the most powerful person in the music world and that one of us will have to kill the other in the end. Or something.
  14. The Smash Hits Poll Winners'' Party 1992 will be on my blog tomorrow...
  15. I also developed a crush on Philippa Forrester who used to present Children''s BBC and The O-Zone, pop TV nostalgia fans.
  16. My only memory of 1992 was eating unguarded cat food. I was 2. I don''t think it was a major event in pop music.
  17. I was shitting on the carpet and demanding to know when I''d get to go to school.
  18. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Oh, I was also singing Let''s Talk About Sex an awful lot as well. I didn''t know what it meant at that age, but strangely, neither of my parents batted an eyelid at their young son singing such a song.
  19. I was doin'' the do in 92.
  20. 1992 was a Dire year for pop music in my opinion!
    I was 17 and still reading rather thin copies of Smash Hits.
    Everyone was lamenting the death of pop until take that made it big towards the end of the year, largely on the back of a crap cover and Barlow balladry though.
    Simply Red''''s "Stars" album was the biggest selling of the year (as it had been in 1991) and there were loads of old duffers and young-uns doing old duffer music (Jimmy Nail at No.1, Tasmin Archer badger anyone?).
    Kylie had a bad year pop-wise IMHO, i wasn''''t struck with any of her singles that year GMJALMT, FF, WKOF & celebration. Although i was shocked to see her greatest hits at number 1 when i put the charts on teletext when i got back from a month in Canada.
    Madge effectively ended her "Imperial" phase with the tuneless "This used to be my playground" (she did redeem herself in my eyes with Deeper & deeper later in the year).
    I did meet KWS at a PA they did in the State in Liverpool, got a signed 12" out of it as well!
    I was just waiting for Brit-pop and Kylie to get cool really. I got into The Smiths in a big way in 1992 as there wasn''''t much else doing.

    Here are my pop highlights;
    Utah Saints - Something good
    Cud - Rich & Strange
    Felix - Don''''t you want me
    Quaffy Dennis - Irresistable
    St. Etienne - Join our club
    George Michael - Too Funky
    Erasure - The Abba-esque EP
    Snap - Rhythm is a dancer
    Sugercubes - Hit
    Suede - Metal Mickey
    Opus III - It''''s a fine day
    M People - Excited (my fave MP tune and left off their greatest hits!)
    Dina Carroll - Ain''''t no man
    Rapination/Kym Mazelle - Love me the right way
    Nirvana - In bloom
    Take That - Could it be magic

    That''''s not even 2 good records a month, no wonder i was into the Beautiful South!!

    Doin'''' the do was 1990 btw ;-)


    Stebags xx
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