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Which pop girls are the best lyricists?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Raichu, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. I'm going to say that Lorde is one of them. Her lyrics before Solar Power were incredible and even that album has pretty word constructions even if the overall lyricism feels hollow. She says relatable things in creative ways, but, with the exception of some of the Solar Power songs, it never feels like too much.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Mariah, Gaga and Taylor. Chromatica is such a mid album, but its lyrics are very, very strong.
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  3. Gaga has been a strong lyricist from the jump. She's not a lyricist I connect to much, but there's no doubt the wordsmithing is consistent and creative. That's one advantage she's always had over Madonna. Madonna tends to vary in lyrical quality, sometimes pumping out absolutely stunning lyrics and sometimes putting out clumsy writing. Gaga, on the other hand, is always pretty solid with the exception of a few bad lines here and there.
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  4. Girls Aloud have so many iconic lyrics:

    "I'm cool until reality, hits me in the face and drops the phone in the tea"

    "Spike heels and skin tight jeans
    I've got a fistful of love that's coming your way baby"

    "Were you dancing? No, no, no. Sweet as toffee? No, no, no. Did you get his number? No, no, no. Get him out for coffee? Hell yeah!"

    "I remember living that dream, twenty minutes in a hotel bar, then I slipped into your girlfriends jeans"

    When will anyone EVER.
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    They’re not the lyricists, though.
  6. When she puts the effort, Shakira. Not many people have written better lines than I’m starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office.
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  7. Ffff you got me there OOP
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  8. Jessica Nelson.
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  9. Yeah, I've been fucking him all night
    I've been taking raw dick since eleven
    It's 4:05 in the morn, in the dawn he still freaking me out
    Got me lock jawed, dick deep in my mouth
    He mesmerized by my eyes and my feminine thighs
    If he decide he wanna slide in then I'm ready to ride
    Put a surprise in this bundle, little kundle aside
    He getting high on this pussy, now where we sweating it out
    'Cause we can slut, we can fuck, we can dig in the guts
    We can suck to the nut if you ready to bust
    I got some double D's a little waist and a strut
    So seductive and plush, feel the pussy deluxe
    He got a crush on me now I got him spending his bucks
    He wanna touch on my body while his tongue on my cunt (on my cunt)
    (We can do whatever you want)
    My pussy lips visible like I'm H to the Izzo
    Shorty telling me my pussy fat like Lizzo

  10. Mariah Carey.

    Next question
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  11. Is this CupcakKe?
  12. My first thought was Robyn.
    Be Mine, With Every Heartbeat, The Girl & The Robot, Dancing On My Own, Cry When You Get Older, Hang With Me, Call Your Girlfriend, Missing U, Ever Again are some of the best pop lyrics of 21st century.

    Moreover, when she’s doing less serious stuff it’s always hilarious too:

    I've gone around the world and the seven seas
    I'm cashin' six-figure checks in all currencies
    It's like when I be tearin' it up in Paris
    Motherfuckers parler on the M-I-C
    It's all "ooh la la" and "ah, oui oui"
    Sippin' vin blanc in our lingerie
    Choppin' heads off with madame guillotine
    Even the French know better than to fuck with me
  13. I love Sky Ferreira's lyrics. They can often appear quite simple but can carve a brutal cut at the same time, she also has a knack for creating an atmosphere with her lyrics that I find some girls to be lacking in.
  14. I have no idea whether they actually write most, some, or any of their lyrics or not, but I almost never hear a clunky line from Ariana or Beyonce.
  15. Uno


    Mariah Carey is easily the best lyricist out there, but that was a given.

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Roisin Murphy, and Sugababes are all also excellent & underrated in their own rights and have a really distinct way around words.
  16. Her. She is Mariah. The Elite Lyricisteuse.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Jazmine Sullivan sprung to my mind immediately reading the thread title actually, she definitely deserves a mention, especially with her latest output.
  18. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez
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