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Whigfield - Saturday Night

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ChrisJay, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. ChrisJay

    ChrisJay Guest

  2. I dont get the point in remixing it AGAIN.

    The only real good version is the original version from 1994. Who's gonna actually get up and do the dance to a 2009 remix?

    I bet 'Whigfield' has no idea they've even done this
  3. ChrisJay

    ChrisJay Guest

    Poor Sannie, famous for songs she didn't even sing. The thing is, she hasn't even got a bad singing voice anyway. The 90s were a strange time - you didn't even need to be able to sing the songs in the first place, just the raw talent of being able to lip sync!
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  4. i dont know where you're getting that information from. ann lee doesnt even sound that much like whigfield. and actually whigfield/sannii does know exactly whats going on with her career - she controls it now and is a very succesful song writer for european dance music acts these days.
  5. i think hes just trying to discredit whigfield.

    its clear to anyone whos ever heard her voice live that she sang saturday night
  6. Haha, exactly. If you were going to use someone else's voice, you'd use a GOOD one!
  7. The fact that this song kept Kylie's "Confide In Me" off No. 1 is enough to make me hate the whole. But a new remix of it makes me loathe it all the more. Curse Whigfield!
  8. I loved the original!
  9. ChrisJay

    ChrisJay Guest

    I'm trying to discredit Whigfield? Erm, would you like to come and see my CD collection and then try saying that again?

    Listen to Was A Time and Beep Beep by Whigfield, followed by No No No by Ann Lee, followed by Think Of You by Whigfield, followed by Nasty Girl by Ally & Jo, followed by Catches Your Love by Ann Lee, followed by Right In The Night by Whigfield, followed by Moonlight Dancing by Ann Lee, followed by *any* of the new remixes of Saturday Night, and THEN tell me they're not all sung by the same person... That person being Annerley Gordon from Sheffield.

    I also know that she's doing songwriting now as I'm a huge fan of just about everything that comes out of the studios of Off Limits Productions, like the Benassi's, Favretto, Sandy Chambers, Dhany...
  10. confide in me was released 2 weeks before saturday night you cant blame whigfield for kylie not being able to knock love is all around off number one
  11. Wasn't there a lawsuit brought against the writers by some 60s band or other, claiming that Saturday Night ripped off an obscure song of theirs? Surely if the lawsuit was successful, releasing further remixes would only mean paying out yet more royalties.

    I quite liked Another Day, the almost identical follow-up which was also a note-for-note rip of Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime. Come to think of it, she might have been sued for that one as well...
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'd like to see her come back with a new completely different song, but just as catchy.

    And with a dance routine.
  13. ChrisJay

    ChrisJay Guest

    Me too! 4 (not counting "All In One") albums in 15 years is quite poor, although I love them all...
  14. Saturday Night is a nice song, but I prefer Think Of You.
    I don't even remember how Another Day goes!
  15. I preferred Another Day too even though it was a carbon copy of Saturday Night. Funny that. Maybe it was the the 'another day with youuuuuuu' bit.
  16. Both songs had law suits brought against them.

    Saturday night had about 2/3 songwriters saying it ripped them off, the judges threw it out of court.

    Mungo Jerry settled out of court with Another Day's writers accepting that the similarities were unintentional
  17. It was all about Sexy Eyes for me.
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  18. 'Saturday Night' is a guilty pleasure of mine. It was a perfect pop single really wasn't it?
  19. I don't see what the problem is?

    The new version was originally credited as KLM Music ft Whigfield in Scandinavia. It's only recently been released to a few more countries just under Whigfield. The vocals were re-recorded for the release and there are some really good remixes, some of which you can still do the routine to (not that I have tried of course...*ahem*). There is even a slow version which sounds a bit like Timbaland/One Republic's Apologize.

    I think the release may be snapped up by Hard2Beat for a UK release. I know KLM Music were having some discussions with a major UK dance label.

    If you listen to the Naan stuff it is obvious that Sannie can sing and the vocals are very similar to Whigfield's vocals.
  20. I am totally bored so I actually clicked through to these remixes and I've got to say I quite like a few of them. I think I need to lie down.

    EDIT: Surely the whole reason there is a "Cry For You"-esque Remix is that they're trying to encourage a mash-up? This just makes it very easy [for people who can do those sorts of things easily].
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