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Whigfield - Saturday Night

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ChrisJay, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. I always thought it was odd (and sad) that both Whigfield and Corona had a string of Top 20 hits in the UK from their debuts and then nothing else was ever released here. In those pre-internet days it was like they had fallen off the face of the earth, when we now know that they both carried on in Europe.
  2. Yeah, they changed it to “beside” instead when it was promoted.
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  3. This morning I'm having a moment with her take on Right In The Night (Favaretto & Battini remix extended). What a bop!
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  4. It was so interesting finally getting on the Internet for the first time in 1998 and finding out all these euro acts that I assumed had been dropped had in fact continued releasing material. Eurodancehits.com was amazing because you could download 90 second video clips.

    *checks* has that site finally closed down? Sadface
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  5. I can relate to this exact same experience! I used to be on this site all the time
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  6. She’s doing G-A-Y on 21st December.
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  7. All this Whiggy chat has inspired me to download the greatest hits and misees for my commute tomorrow.

    Mostmof my pre-gay-teen saturdays between 1995 and 1998 were spent going to the HMV import section.

    I wpuld love her to have a bit of a revival in the UK, the first album was surprisingly good, she probably could hsve had a minor hit with 4ever and the W album if there had been a label in the UK that cared.
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  8. I wish she had saved this one for her Eurovision entry. If you turn this really loud, it sounds huge, brilliant production.
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  9. YES.

    Just watched a video about the Ann Lee situation and seems pretty clear Sannie wasn't the Whigfield vocalist for most of the time, which makes me sad.

    But then we have the wonderful W album which is clearly Sannie, but under the Whigfield moniker. And I believe Sannie took over vocals from the All In One album onwards. Curious how that works out. Becoming your acts actual singer years and years after launching?!
  10. Corona did the same thing:

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  11. Thanks to this thread I discovered the W album this weekend and it’s a really good pop dance album. Very impressed with it
  12. But wait didn’t Whigfield sing “close to you” live on TOTP?
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  13. I can't wait to see Whigfield live later this year just to hear what her voice actually sounds like!
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  14. It was a masterclass in lipsyncing.
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  15. The W Extra Edition has some great alternative mixes on it too, check that out.
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  16. I bloody love Close To You. Thanks for this!
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  17. Thanks! I’ll download this too then
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  18. This is a recently rediscovered tune from Whigfield. This is Sannie singing right?

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  19. I believe it so
  20. I played this to death on release! That chorus.
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