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Whigfield - Saturday Night

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ChrisJay, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Managed to catch Sannie at the weekend for the We Love The 90s Tour (which was a
    MOMENT start to finish)!

    Anyway, she was great and seeing her has since led to me discovering this hidden gem...

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  2. We are going on Friday.

    I fully expect this to be me.

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  3. I am going to this on Thursday and Whigfield will be the undoubted highlight for me. I can't wait to hear what she actually sounds like! Praying for Sexy Eyes to make an appearance (and her Eurodance cover of Last Christmas).
  4. She sounds great. Interestingly I’ve only just seen about the controversy on here re the ghost vocals... Listening back to my videos from the night her vocals and accent etc sound the same as the original recording to me maybe just ever so slightly slightly deeper in tone which is to be expected.

    You won’t be disappointed either way.
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  5. I went to the Birmingham gig on Saturday and I’m going to G-A-Y this Saturday to see her.

    She will do Think of You, Saturday Night and Sexy Eyes. The Vengaboys sang Last Christmas. Ace of Base’s Jenny Berggren’s set was awesome!

    I’ve seen that Sannie has had her new single mastered and remixed. Should be out early next year. I read that it’s quite a naughty single and might have some swearing!
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  6. Whigfield was amazing last night! I was over the moon when she sang Sexy Eyes, and the UK remix to boot! Her voice did sound deeper than on the records but that could be because it's 25 years later. She looked incredible, hardly aged a day since 1994.

    Whigfield, Alice Deejay and the Vengaboys were the undoubted highlights of the night. Long live the 90s!
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  7. Oh come on.. the evidence is overwhelming
  8. Is anyone going to G-A-Y tonight?
  9. Yes I was there. She performed Think Of You, Another Day, Sexy Eyes and Saturday Night.
  10. I love Whigfield and Ann Lee so honestly, the latter doing most of the vocals for the project doesn't bother me - and I like Sannie's voice on Was A Time and W. When I was younger I couldn't really tell a difference anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Her Discogs page is lowkey hilarious though, with people acting like it's some Great Affront To Artistic Integrity that a Eurodance act had - GASP! - an uncredited vocalist. As far as I know, it's not like it was a Martha Wash situation.
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  11. Think of You is a masterpiece though, so I'm not surprised there are so many critics out there, yearning to uncover its secrets...
  12. Had a blast at we love the 90s in Manchester. Someone complimented her outfit (the all in one catsuit) to which she replied it's awful when you fart, it just sits there until you take it off.

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  13. Was a Time is still Annerley singing. I don’t think Sannie sang anything until the W album.
  14. Oh. Well even so!
  15. I'm a big fan of Black Box and Milli Vanilli so I couldn't care less who is singing on the records.

    I'm still thinking about seeing Whigfield live at We Love The 90s, so good! Though I wish they had let her sing Another Day too. Sexy Eyes was my highlight, such a bop.
  16. She’s releasing as Whigfield again and she’s got a new single out called Suga. They sent it to radio without telling anyone who the singer is and it reached number one on the Upfront Club Charts top 30.

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  17. Did Whiggy just drop the F Bomb!! This is a no from me.
  18. This went straight into my workout from home playlist and I can confirm it goes all the way off!
  19. Oh my. After the euphoric and melodic genius of her Sannie tracks I am gutted that this is so far removed. A strange move...I guess the shock value could go in her favour. I hope it works for her, and we get some more Europop/house tracks.
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  20. Ok, double post...with all the mixes and listening on repeat I can see this smash... Still sounds more Naan/Benassi to me in style, but I stan. Any Sannie is always welcome after all!
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