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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by stevieboy82, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Did Whiggy just drop the F Bomb!! This is a no from me.
  2. This went straight into my workout from home playlist and I can confirm it goes all the way off!
  3. Oh my. After the euphoric and melodic genius of her Sannie tracks I am gutted that this is so far removed. A strange move...I guess the shock value could go in her favour. I hope it works for her, and we get some more Europop/house tracks.
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  4. Ok, double post...with all the mixes and listening on repeat I can see this smash... Still sounds more Naan/Benassi to me in style, but I stan. Any Sannie is always welcome after all!
  5. Do the verses remind anyone else of Konichiwa Bitches by Robyn?
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  6. Forcing myself to like this, because Whigfield, not quite there yet.
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  7. I can't even force myself to like it because Whigfield. It's no Sexy Eyes is it?
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  8. It’s horrendous. I can’t even deal with it.
    Going to play Think Of You now and remember happier times...
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  9. I didn't even make it through one play. And I love Whigfield!
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  10. ....This will make it all better
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  11. I know there needs to be growth etc but surely someone can whip up a nostalgic remix.

    Also it reminds me a bit of "like a G6".
  12. She has tried time and again with the nostalgia route, and produced some pretty stellar credible stuff as we seen with 'W' and especially the Sannie material, so I think this is a deliberate 'shock value' attempt to get the Whigfield name back out there.
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  13. (I know I'm quite late into this conversation but) I just figured at the time that they thought that six singles from a ten track album was probably pushing it, especially when the last one underperformed. The UK also was particularly, and if truth be told, remains so, snobby about European pop music, there's not many examples I can think of where there's been radio support beyond the one album. You could also have presumed that going forward into 1996 that Europop was going to struggle competing againt Britpop (turned out that it wasn't the case at all, pop was just about to come back big).

    As for the second album, we would have probably got at least the lead single if MTV Europe was still broadcast in the UK - but MTV UK launched mid-1997 and boom there goes almost all Euro music in favour of UK/US based tracks.

    One of my favourite things to this day is putting Sexy Eyes on, seeing who is singing along, and then telling them that it's Whigfield and watch them in utter disbelief. NOOOO WAY they cry. Literally everybody Scottish person in their 30s and older knows it, but almost none of them ever knows that it was Whigfield.
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  14. Sexy Eyes does feel like it was a big hit doesn't it?

    I am sure that is down to a lot of club play, I used to hear it out in straight and gay clubs for years. When I worked in a record store in the late 90s I got asked if we had it sooo many times.
  15. I presume everyone who went abroad on holiday in 1996-1999 probably heard Sexy Eyes every night of it too.
  16. She did the steps routine for the first time.
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  17. Whiggy is on Sky News right now talking about Saturday Night (show is Kay Burley @ Breakfast)
  18. She’s looking good. I’m looking forward to see her live lockdown performance on Saturday. Guess it will be on her Facebook.

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  19. Whiggy talking about "sometimes when you're in the studio" about a song she doesn't even perform on. ddd
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